DAM News Round-Up – 20th September 2021

Digital Asset Management News

A collection of recent DAM-related articles from around the web.

How to Stay in Control of Your Brand with DAM

Digital Asset Management software provider Wedia discuss the critical importance of brand management, and how an enterprise DAM system can empower marketing teams and brand managers in ensuring an organisation’s brand is kept on track.  The article covers numerous aspects of a successful brand strategy, including customisation, usage tracking, approvals, and permissions.

Magan Arthur Interview

The latest interviewee in our continuing series is Managing Director of MOJO Consulting, Magan Arthur.  Covering his twenty year journey within DAM, Magan provides a series of insights and interesting anecdotes, from his time at WebWare, the world’s first fully web-based DAM system, through to his tenures at ADAM (now Aprimo) and Nuxeo.  Magan’s holistic approach regards DAM as more of a business process and operational mind-set than simply a collection of digital assets.

How 4 UK Police Forces Centralized their Digital Evidence Management

This recent article from DAM and photo management platform provider Fotoware explains how their software is being used to manage digital evidence, and in particular, how four of the UK’s police forces have improved the accessibility of their evidence by regionalizing and centralizing their DEM (digital evidence management) systems.  An accompanying video explaining the challenges and solutions is also available (email registration required).

Is Your Marketing Stack Getting Out of Control?

DAM vendor Brandworkz provide some startling statistics concerning the increasing size of our marketing stacks, with the average company’s martech stack utilising no less than 120 different tools.  With a number of tell-tale signs to look out for, including inefficiency, over-complex workflows, inconsistent branding, and a lack of standardisation, the article highlights that it’s the level of integration and customisation that matters, and not necessarily the size of your stack.

Principles for Designing Sustainable, Environmentally Friendly Websites

With the 2021 United Nations Climate Change Conference approaching (aka COP26), sustainability and climate change issues have once again come to the fore.  This recent article from Gerry McGovern raises some rarely asked questions about the environmental footprint of websites, and how paring back and streamlining online content such as images, videos and JavaScript can help to minimize their impact.

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