DAM News Round-Up – 20th July 2020

A collection of recent DAM-related articles from around the web, sourced from DAM Federation member, Planet DAM.

How Many Facets Should a Taxonomy Have

Taxonomist and author Heather Hedden revisits the topic of faceted taxonomies and the issue of how many facets to include.  Heather presents four key considerations: users, and how familiar or well-trained they are; the content, and how many facets conceptually exist; the interface, and whether too many facets will crowd the screen; and what actually constitutes a facet and how your metadata might influence or translate into a filter.  A must read for any content or information architect that’s investigating search strategies or database design.

DAM in China, COVID 19 Turns the Situation Around

Yaochong Chen, Founder of DAM China Connect, an initiative to help drive the introduction and innovation of DAM in China, has recently posted an in-depth analysis of the current state of the market in China, along with the implications that Covid-19 carries.  In contrast to the current EU and US landscape, Yaochong draws a comparison with those markets in 2008, specifically in the wake of the global financial crisis.  With a detailed breakdown of China’s financial, business and IT digital asset supply chains, and the introduction and adoption of numerous B2B digital transformation initiatives, it’s an intriguing insight into the rebirth of DAM and the promise of innovation that holds.

Marketing Has a Trust Problem. Can DAM Help?

VP of Digital Asset Management software vendor Widen, Jake Athey, brushes aside the ubiquitous chatter about the effects of Covid-19 on the DAM industry and instead turns his attention to what he considers to be three more important issues: peak screen time, avoidance of marketing, and declining trust.  With some surprising statistics regarding our browsing habits and attitudes to marketing and online ads, Jake’s article expresses the importance of evolving the online experience in a user-centric direction, and how DAM, being the content hub and single source of truth in most digital asset supply chains and marketing workflows, can help make a positive difference by taking the lead.

DAM vs. CMS or Why You Need Both?

DAM solutions provider Pics.io explain the differences and similarities between DAM and CMS – two platforms that both manage digital content but have distinctly separate roles.  By way of simple descriptions and comparisons, this easy to digest blog post should provide you with enough information to differentiate between the two, and with a useful checklist of features and functions should enable you to utilise and integrate the two technologies to your advantage.

What Is Digital Asset Management?

DAM News Editor and Consultant Ralph Windsor has recently announced a new explainer video introducing the basic concepts of Digital Asset Management.  If you’re new to DAM, this well-made stop-motion video should provide you with a concise and practical breakdown of the fundamental principles of DAM and how they can be applied.  A full transcript of the video is also available on the Daydream website.

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