DAM News Round-Up – 1st June 2020

DAM Guru – Vendor Events Now Accepted

DAM Guru, is now accepting a broader range of contributors for its online events calendar.  Vendors, consultants and other commercial entities are now invited to add their events, with each event listing now including attribution.  Adding events is free of charge, as is membership, which is required in order to post your details to the calendar.  A weekly summary of events will also be posted, alongside the DAM industry news round-up that many of our readers will already be familiar with.

pixolution flow 4 - Our New Visual Search Engine

Enterprise search solution pixolution has recently announced the release of a new major version of its visual search engine, pixolution flow 4.  Based on an “improved AI model that uses 10 times more concepts” (I’m assuming that’s marketing talk for training material), the Apache Solr based architecture now supports multi-image searching, close-up search, search by colour, video search and duplicate detection. You can check out their demo here (although I am unconvinced about the 42 million results returned, and I couldn’t find any way to view larger images, metadata, tags or descriptions).

The Evolution of Imaging Applications

CPO at Tandem Vault, Peter Krogh, has posted the final instalment of his four part series on the evolution of imaging applications (the first instalment can be viewed here).  In this interesting retrospective of imaging software and hardware developments – and the drivers behind them – Peter takes us from the lowly beginnings of digital imagery used by news outlets in the 1980s, through to the first digital cameras and on to modern day features such as 3D depth information and augmented reality, now often bundled as standard functionality in mobile phone apps.

Google features rights info; Squarespace to support rights metadata

Digital Asset Management and media consultants, Carl Seibert Solutions, highlight a couple of triumphs for artists’ rights in this recent blog post.  Covering Google’s decision to include rights metadata and display author and copyright information, the article also reports on photo hosting service Squarespace’s decision, after a campaign from its users, to follow suit and preserve the rights metadata information that was previously being stripped from their uploads.

BrandMuscle announces alliance with Widen for providing a holistic brand marketing experience

Marketing automation vendor, BrandMuscle have just announced a partnership with DAM solutions provider Widen.  This announcement is somewhat unusual because it comes at a time when vendors are choosing to eschew collaborating with firms in adjacent markets and instead are building out ever larger and functionally diverse platforms (and frequently ending up not doing very much of anything).  Based on the press, it appears that BrandMuscle are utilising  Widen’s DAM to fill gaps in their own offer, we couldn’t see any details of the arrangement travelling in the opposite direction.  The question is whether we have now finally reached a ‘peak DAM’ scenario or if it is merely stop-gap while BrandMuscle build their own platform which will eventually compete with their former partners.

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