DAM Guru – Vendor Events Now Accepted

As some readers who are also DAM Guru members will be aware, DAM Guru is no longer owned by Picturepark (whose marketing director, David Diamond,  conceived the programme back in 2013).  As of May, this has transferred to Daydream, who also operate DAM News.  In light of this, we have taken the decision to allow a more broader based  range of events to be added to the DAM Guru Events calendar and vendors, consultants and other commercial interests can now enter their details also.

We will now be publishing a weekly summary of DAM-related events which will be taking place over the forthcoming 30 days. on DAM News in a similar fashion to our weekly news round-up.  Adding events remains free of charge for everyone (including vendors).  You must be a registered DAM Guru member to post, which is also free.  We rely on the DAM community to make us aware of events, as such, attribution for suggesting an event has been added to the details of each post.

The DAM Guru events calendar is here: https://damguru.com/events/

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  • I wanted to let you know about an upcoming event for Libris by PhotoShelter. We are hosting a virtual Summit for Brands on June 25 and bringing together some of the top creative people across a variety of industries. The registration page can be found here: https://trylibris.photoshelter.com/photoshelter-summit-for-brands_registration/. We have also recently announced 4 speakers from our lineup including: Joe Pulizz- founder of the Content Marketing Institute, Denise Burrell-Stinson- Director/Head of Storytelling at Washington Post Brand Studio, Jason Christley – Senior Manger of Digital Content at NASCAR, and Nate Gordon- Head of Visual Content at the Players’ Tribune.

    We have many more exciting speakers to announce in the coming weeks and believe our event will be a great fit for the readers of DAM news. Would you be willing to include it in your events calendar?

  • John, we can post this for you, however, you may want to post these yourself, which will ensure they get added to our weekly events round-up.

    This is fairly easy to do, just go here:


    Register and once you’re logged in, you can add an event here:


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