DAM Events Round-Up – 27th May 2020

The following DAM-related events are occurring in the next month.  See the DAM Guru Events Calendar for more details: https://damguru.com/events/

June 1st
Integration And The Content Landscape For Digital Asset Management (DAM)

Hosted by: Rutgers University

June 3rd
The Rise of Nano-Influencers within Mainstream Marketing Practice

Hosted by: Festival of Marketing

June 4th
Creative Operations Masterclass Series

Hosted by: Henry Stewart Events

June 4th
Streamlining Adobe CC Content from your DAM to Accelerate Workflow

Hosted by: Frédéric Sanuy / Henry Stewart Events

June 9th
Digital Asset Management Deep Dive Webinar Series

Hosted by: Frédéric Sanuy / IQ Equity

June 9th
Getting DAM Right: Gap Analysis – Resource Audits

Hosted by: Frédéric Sanuy / IQ Equity

June 10th
Advanced Video and Dynamic Media Orchestration with Airbnb and TechStyle Fashion Group

Hosted by: Henry Stewart Events / Reach Engine

June 11th
Creative Ops | Simplify Creative Reviews to Supercharge Team Productivity

Hosted by: Henry Stewart Events / OpenText

June 16th
Enhancing DAM Operations with AI

Hosted by:Henry Stewart Events / Nuxeo

June 17th
Monetizing the Archive – How Leading Brands Are Using DAM to Revitalize Their Businesses

Hosted by: Henry Stewart Events / WoodWing

June 24th
The Role of DAM in Business Continuity, Risk Reduction and Disaster Preparedness

Hosted by:Henry Stewart Events / MediaValet

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