DAM News Round-Up – 19th August 2019

A collection of recent DAM-related articles from around the web, sourced from DAM Federation member, Planet DAM.

Breaking the Bad News of Digital Asset Management

Toby Martin, the new CEO of DAM solutions provider Extensis, has posted an article on LinkedIn that highlights a number of sticking points with the current approach to digital asset management.  Through a number of realisations, including approaching managing digital assets as a non-linear process, the trouble with inadequate schemas and expanding the various phases of a digital asset’s lifecycle beyond the rational, Toby’s post aims to expand the mind-set of conventional DAM operations and increase asset value and ROI via a number of insightful maxims.

Rebecca Schneider on Empathy and Tagging

Henrik de Gyor’s Another DAM Podcast site presents Rebecca Schneider’s talk about Empathy and Tagging, which she delivered at January’s Insight Exchange Network’s DAM Practitioners Summit in New York City.  The absence of any transcription does make this meandering podcast slightly difficult to follow, but Rebecca’s insights and anecdotes make it an engaging presentation.  She covers the different types of empathy, why empathy is important to branding and marketing, and how its impact – both positive and negative – can affect brand loyalty.  Our previous coverage of Rebecca’s presentation, along with a whitepaper can be viewed here.

When the Box Doesn’t Fit – Working with a Vendor to Customize Your DAMS

Associate Archivist for the Boston Symphony Orchestra, Sarah Funke Donovan, has published a LinkedIn article presenting a number of questions you can ask DAM vendors when their out-of-the-box solution does not fit your specific needs.  Covering various aspects such as customisation, integration with existing systems and data, and the level to which the new DAM system can identify, extract and import crucial embedded metadata, it’s a worthwhile checklist for those tasked with selecting a DAM system, especially those that need to accommodate legacy data or have specific criteria unique to their business.

Building your ‘DAM Fam’ [3/4]: Hiring a digital asset manager

Part three of DAM vendor Bynder’s four part series on building a DAM selection team focuses on the role of the digital asset manager a.k.a. a ‘DAM Champion’.  Arguably the most important team member, the fairly detailed article gives due credit to the scope of this role with a checklist of duties and responsibilities of the DAM manager  and how they can protect an organisation’s investment.  The article also presents a number of thought-provoking (and somewhat eccentric) questions to ask potential candidates during the recruitment process, which they’ll be providing a job description template for in the final episode.

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