DAM News Round-Up – 18th October 2021

A selection of recent DAM and digital marketing technology related articles from around the web.

Understanding Modern DAM Scalability Challenges and How to Deal With Them

My co-contributor and DAM News Editor Ralph Windsor has kicked off a new three-part feature article series on DAM scalability.  In his first instalment, Ralph focuses on the scalability of the Digital Asset Supply Chain, taking a detailed look at its definition, the architecture of upstream and downsteam integration, and throughput performance issues with counterparty systems, APIs and connectors.  The article also presents a number of common scenarios that can amplify scalability issues, ranging from technology based or internal workflow bottlenecks that are relatively easy to identify, to more politically complex situations that can often arise when working with multiple service providers, vendors or cross-organisational departments.  A must-read for anyone tasked with planning, implementing or modernising a DAM system.

The Content Activation Model: How to Hit the DAM Bullseye With Your Content Strategy

Recently acquired Digital Asset Management vendor Widen introduce the Content Activation Model – a series of six steps that aim to help marketers capitalise on the value of their digital content.  The six components of the strategy are: research, creation, curation, context, action, and insights.  Although simply a list of existing DAM tools and workflow concepts, it nonetheless packages them into a digestible and useful framework for getting the most out of your digital assets across brand promotion and multi-channel marketing.

Contentful and Conscia Partnership

Canadian-based content intelligence software vendor Conscia have recently announced their partnership with digital-first content platform Contentful.  The partnership – oddly absent from both providers’ websites – coincides with the launch of Contentful’s Unity – an application that allows content to be sourced from multiple locations into a single API response, enabling a “composable architecture for all digital channels“.

Do you need a Brand Management System?

Brand Asset Management system (BAM or BMS) provider Brandworkz cover the basics of digital asset management and ask the question whether or not your organisation needs one.  The article provides an overview of brand management’s foundational role in building an efficient marketing technology stack, along with the features and benefits that make it such an essential tool in the modern digital marketing ecosystem.

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