DAM News Round-Up – 18th May 2020

A collection of recent DAM-related articles from around the web, sourced from DAM Federation member, Planet DAM.

DAM Hierarchy of Needs

Photographer, CPO at DAM vendors Tandem Vault, and author of The DAM Book, Peter Krogh, has recently published an article presenting a hierarchy of needs within DAM.  Inspired by Abraham Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, the model is based on a pyramid structure containing six levels.  Preservation of the media forms the foundation layer, which is then built upon with various requirements such as forward compatibility, and curation, until it reaches distribution and sharing at the pinnacle.  It’s an intriguing parallel for DAM ecosystems and a worthwhile read for anyone involved in Digital Asset Management.

Cloud DAM – Nothing Going On But The Rent?

Digital Asset Management Consultant and DAM News Editor Ralph Windsor has posted a state of the union type article summarising the current climate within the DAM industry.  With a keen Janus’ view of the evolution of vendors, products and pricing models up to this point – and more importantly – a look towards what the future might yield in light of the Coronavirus pandemic, the prognosis is likely to be a sobering reality-check for many vendors.  Ralph’s detailed analysis warns that the coming months and years could prove problematic for vendors that have previously relied on SaaS fees to provide a tick-over revenue stream as restricted budgets force businesses to cut out the slack and become far more discerning.

Three DAM Questions!

Murray Oles, BPM (Business Process Management) technologist, poses three questions in this LinkedIn article.  Although not a direct slight against traditional DAM managers and librarians, Murray’s idea that DAM gurus struggle to see the forest for the trees with regards to the wider digital asset supply chain may be somewhat behind the moment considering how many DAM solutions are already capable of acting as the central hub for enterprise workflows and integrating with PIM, ECM and numerous other upstream and downstream processes.

3 Ways a DAM Can Help Remote Teams

Digital Asset Management software provider MediaValet present three ways in which a DAM system can help remote workers. Covering standard features such as access control and permissions, ease of project transferal, and communication and collaboration tools, the article also provides a number of useful links to third party connectors and associated software.  Although aimed primarily at their own platform, the information and tools could potentially be integrated into any DAM-based workflow.

How to turn your files into powerful digital assets

DAM solutions provider Filecamp have published a file management guide aimed at graphic designers and marketers.  This platform-agnostic article is essentially a good housekeeping manual covering the structure and naming convention of files and folders in order to keep track of your digital projects and their assets.  Challenges such as sharing and permissions are also covered, although with just one single cursory occurrence of the word ‘metadata’, I can’t help thinking that they’ve overlooked a fundamental piece of the puzzle.

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