DAM News Round-Up – 18th July 2022

A collection of recent DAM-related articles from around the web.

When AI Makes Art, Humans Supply the Creative Spark

This recent post from Wired magazine’s Will Knight explores the evidence against claims that AI powered tools will displace the jobs of creatives such as designers, photographers and artists.  Presenting numerous case studies and testimonials from a range of artists, sculptors and musicians, Will concludes that platforms such as DALL-E will eventually become just another application in the creative toolbox, and perhaps more importantly, provide an inspirational launch-pad into the arts for those with little or no conventional skills such as painting and drawing.

Is The DAM Vendor Consolidation Trend Really Just DAM Vendor Competitor Deletion?

DAM News Editor Ralph Windsor introduces the first part of his two-part series on the recent trend towards DAM vendor consolidation and its implications for both vendors and users.  Ralph explains the historical background for the current takeover climate, the problem of gaining new customers in an increasingly homogenised industry, and how such ‘competitor deletion’ is unlikely to foster innovation in an already stagnant sector.

Marketers Uneducated, Untrained for Artificial Intelligence

CMSWire’s Dom Nicastro discusses the causes behind poor adoption of AI technologies within the marketing sector.  The key factor appears to be a lack of interest in what is still being perceived as an ‘abstract’ topic, which in turn has led to a lack of education and a growing skills gap within emerging technologies, even though many marketers believe that AI will ultimately transform their work.

5 Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to Measure DAM Success

Digital Asset Management software provider PhotoShelter offer a series of tips and insights for identifying and measuring key performance indicators (KPI) for your DAM system.  The issue of so-called ‘vanity metrics’ is addressed, along with recommendations on which questions to ask in order to get a better understanding of how your system is being used.  The 5 KPIs are: popular downloads and tags, zero result searches, assets without metadata, the most shared assets, and periodic analysis of asset requests.

File Naming Best Practices for Digital Asset Management

DAM vendor Widen offer some best practice guidance for file naming conventions within a Digital Asset Management system.  Tips include adding a unique identifier to your files, and how other judiciously chosen elements such as date, location and a brief description can help improve your asset’s discoverability.  The role of a DAM admin is also covered, as it’s their job to ensure that naming standards are followed, along with keeping users updated and informed about any changes.  Additional advice includes avoiding the use of transient identifiers such as staff member names (which are likely to change), sticking to a single date format, using common acronyms for products or departments, avoiding special characters, and maintaining a reference document outlining your naming framework.

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