DAM News Round-Up – 15th July 2019

A collection of recent DAM-related articles from around the web, sourced from DAM Federation member, Planet DAM.

Another DAM Podcast interview with Meredith Reese on Digital Asset Management

This week, Henrik de Gyor‘s podcast features the Los Angeles Philharmonic’s Digital Asset Manager, Meredith Reese.  Just over a year into her role, Meredith explains how the DAM solution was introduced around the same time and acts as a hub for historical records and event programming as well as a running archive of the audio and video that the orchestra generates. She also addresses how the DAM is enabling her organisation to move away from silos, and how the associated benefits it brings in terms of metadata, sharing, rights management and access for different user types is helping the LA Phil move towards a more collaborative, joined up platform.

Online Educational Series: Connecting DAM with the Enterprise

Theresa Regli has recently announced her upcoming series of webinars, in partnership with Henry Stewart Events, entitled ‘Connecting DAM with the Enterprise’.  The first three sessions will be focusing on upstream technologies (i.e. integrations that feed into a DAM), whereas the latter three sessions will focus on downstream processes that receive and distribute digital assets, such as CMS, Martech, social media, streaming services and eCommerce applications.  Note: these are not free of charge, delegates must pay a fee to attend, however, a discount is available for early registration.

DAM in the DX [3/4]: Four must-have DAM integrations

Digital Asset Management software provider Bynder continue with the theme of integration in this third instalment of their four part ‘DAM in the DX’ series.  The article addresses the problem of whittling down the myriad tools that are available, and stress that just because something can be integrated, doesn’t mean that it should be.  They follow this wisdom by outlining, in some detail, four potential integrations types that are generally considered essential in getting the best value for money out of your DAM investment.

User Adoption in a Distributed DAM

Harkening back to a feature article my co-contributor, Ralph Windsor, wrote back in 2013, Kevin Groome of Pica9 has posted an article that investigates the last two decades’ worth of DAM business data to see if he could construct a frame of reference for DAM adoption success.  His research focuses on enterprise, distributed DAMs – marketing-oriented systems that push brand assets out to the ‘edge’ of its network (e.g. dealers, resellers, advertising).  With some well-researched statistics and a number of relevant and usable takeaways, this is a must-read for those involved in a DAM rollout, or indeed, the adoption of any foundational software technology.

Managing Digital Evidence – Interpol World 2019

DAM solutions provider Fotoware have taken their appearance at the recent Interpol World trade exhibition as an opportunity to recap their mission statement and remind us of their role in the world of DAM, crime prevention and Digital Evidence Management (DEM) workflows.  It’s an interesting article in terms of subject matter, and it’s refreshing to see a company enthusiastically carving out its own niche, whilst at the same time succeeding in staying ahead of the industries it’s found itself serving.

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