DAM News Round-Up – 14th September 2020

A collection of recent DAM-related articles from around the web, sourced from DAM Federation member, Planet DAM.

Wedia Introduces the New Wedia Content Picker to Connect your DAM with your App Ecosystem

DAM software provider Wedia have announced their new ‘Content Picker’ – a system devised to allow users to tap into their DAM system’s content from a variety of external applications.  Currently supported software integrations include Microsoft’s Office Suite, Adobe’s Creative Cloud (including Photoshop and InDesign), Content Management Systems (CMS) and social media channels.  Although there’s no specifics on what platforms the CMS or social media options supports, Wedia claim that the “tool has been designed to be integrated in any kind of software“.

Shutterstock integration with Asset Bank!

DAM News has previously observed the peculiar tango between DAM and stock media providers, and although such events as Bynder’s acquisition of WebDAM and the launch of Adobe’s Stock Design Marketplace might suggest the promise of better content integration for end users, very few DAM systems offer out-of-the-box access to stock libraries.  DAM provider Bright have just announced Shutterstock integration within their Asset Bank DAM system, allowing users to seamlessly search for, download, synchronise and tag content without leaving their DAM environment.  As noted by my co-contributor Ralph Windsor, the connection between DAM and Enterprise Content Buying could become a more familiar component of the digital asset supply chain over the coming years.

Describing Media with Keywords

Tandem Vault‘s Peter Krogh takes us back to basics with his recent post on keywords for media.  With a fairly detailed breakdown of both keywords themselves and the taxonomical space they occupy, the article provides guidance on such topics as how to create and use keywords, using organic keywording methods to add intelligence to your library, and factors to consider when using hierarchical keywords.

Migrating content, data and operations to the cloud

Digital Asset Management solutions provider OpenText has posted up some research into the benefits businesses might expect to gain by migrating their content management operations to a cloud or hybrid based platform.  A recent survey from Forrester suggests that improvements in customer experience, security and usability were all reported by participants when comparing with on-premise solutions.  Further details and analysis are available, along with a download of the full report (registration required).

Does Your Brand Experience Align With Your Customer Experience?

Technical writer Scott Clark discusses the alignment of brand experience and customer experience.  With example corporate social responsibility mantras from the likes of Google, Amazon and Netflix, Scott explains how the distinction between mission statements and vision statements can act as a solid foundation upon which you can begin to build your organisation’s brand.  This concise and in-depth article covers topics such as brand perception, the importance of nurturing an awareness of customer needs and expectations, and how segmenting your customer base can assist in aligning your brand.

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