Bynder Acquires WebDAM From Shutterstock

Some news announced today is that Cloud DAM vendor Bynder have acquired WebDAM from Shutterstock (who also bought them from the original founders four years ago).  There is more information here:

When offered the chance to work together, we agreed. It was clear our combined teams could go after this market in ways that others couldn’t. The DAM category is evolving fast. Marketers today are producing more digital content than ever before, and distributing it across an increasingly complex web of platforms and channels. As a result, digital asset management has moved to the heart of marketing technology where it must scale to support activities across and beyond the enterprise.” [Read More]

This acquisition is not entirely unexpected but it raises some very interesting questions about where the Cloud DAM market is heading if firms like Shutterstock have decided they don’t want to be involved in it.  A longer article will follow, together with some discussion of the implications for users of both.

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