DAM News Round-Up – 11th December 2023

A selection of DAM-related articles from around the web, sourced by the DAM News editorial team.

The key steps for a successful DAM migration project

Having personally undertaken a number of DAM migrations, I can attest to the importance of planning and having a solid strategy before embarking on what can often be a complex, time-consuming and challenging task.  This recent blog post from DAM vendor Wedia takes a look at the key stages in preparing for a successful migration.  The article provides guidance on a number of aspects, including clearly defining your goals, performing a full system audit to gauge the state of your current DAM and its data, tips on the vendor selection process, cleaning and sanitising the data for export and import, running small-scale tests with a selected data set, and providing sufficient user support and training.

AI: EU agrees landmark deal on regulation of artificial intelligence

After 36 hours of talks and deliberation, the European Union has reached a provisional deal on the world’s first comprehensive laws to regulate the use of artificial intelligence.  The historic AI Act proposes a series of measures including safeguards on the use of AI within the EU, as well as strict limitations on its use by law enforcement agencies, mechanisms to allow complaints from users, and the introduction of fines for misuse and violations.

How UK GDPR impacts Digital Asset Management

Continuing with the theme of regulation, DAM solutions provider ResourceSpace investigate the UK GDPR – a post-Brexit set of regulations that closely follow the EU’s existing laws governing data protection, consent, and the use of personal data.  The four key components of the UK GDPR are: gaining explicit consent, keeping different consent requests separate, making it easy for users to withdraw consent, and retaining evidence should the need arise to prove that consent was lawfully gained.  The article also covers how the UK GDPR relates to Digital Asset Management, for example, photographs and metadata that contain identifiable individuals, or documents relating to personally identifiable information.

Mediagraph – Face Recognition and Special Offer

This article from new kid on the DAM block, Mediagraph, presents their facial recognition features, along with a couple of video demonstrations highlighting its functionality.  Mediagraph were at the recent OnDAM event in Paris, and I have to say I was impressed by their demonstration which showcased a number of features that I’ve yet to see in other platforms.  Mediagraph provides intuitive drag-n-drop functionality, custom workflows, built-in rights management, crowd-sourced tagging, numerous out-of-the-box integrations, and an underlying data model that takes a completely different approach to attaching meaning and context to your digital assets.

3 Ways DAMs Can Support Cult Brands

Jake Athey from Acquia and Digital Marketer Jennifer Kordosky delve into the topic of so-called cult brands, and how a DAM system can assist in building and maintaining a brand that defies convention, perpetuates a mythical-level identity, and successfully conveys a brand story that naturally evolves whilst keeping its followers engaged.  Tips include creating a conversational buzz around your brand and fostering discussion by generating related content, treating your digital assets as “motifs in a mythology”, and using rebrands – much like the constant reinvention and reinterpretation of mythology and religion – to come up with new slogans and marketing campaigns.

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