OnDAM Paris 2023 Review

As our regular readers may be aware, DAM News recently attended the OnDAM conference in Paris.  Organised by our new owners, Activo Consulting, OnDAM is the only event in France that’s wholly dedicated to Digital Asset Management.  Now in its third year, the event once again attracted a diverse range of vendors, sponsors, industry leaders and DAM professionals and offered a fast-paced agenda of keynotes, sessions, workshops and tutorials covering DAM, PIM (product information management), DXP (digital experience platforms), marketing technology, and the intersection of AI with DAM and the wider enterprise content, product management and digital marketing landscapes.

Update: Activo have published an additional detailed breakdown of the OnDAM 2023 conference.  Check it out at the link below:


The Venue

Although the main event itself spanned two days, there was a pre-conference reception on Monday evening at last year’s venue, the Maison de l’Alsace on the Champs-Élysées.  This roof-top gathering was perfectly timed to coincide with the seasonal lighting-up of one of France’s most impressive avenues and its dazzling tapestry of culture, high fashion and historical architecture.  The reception provided a superb array of hors d’oeuvres, soft drinks, beer and wine.

Maison de l'Alsace, Champs-Élysées

A pre-conference reception took place at last year’s main venue – Maison de l’Alsace, Champs-Élysées

The view of Champs-Élysées from the roof terrace at Maison de l'Alsace

The view of Champs-Élysées from the roof terrace at Maison de l’Alsace

The venue for this year’s OnDAM was the Pavillon Élysée Té – a beautiful ornate building situated opposite the Grand Palais museum and a stone’s throw from the Élysée Palace, the residence of French President, Emmanuel Macron.  Set over two floors, the venue features a main conference space on the ground floor, with vendor stands placed both upstairs and downstairs.  There were also two dedicated conference rooms where over twenty workshops and demonstrations took place.

The Pavillon Élysée Té, Champs-Élysées, Paris

Pavillon Élysée Té, Champs-Élysées

OnDAM vendor stands on the ground floor

OnDAM vendor stands on the ground floor

Coffee, tea, refreshments and an excellent lunch were also provided courtesy of numerous sponsors.  In addition to the food, Activo provided every guest with a very useful OnDAM goody-bag containing a printed agenda, a conference guide, a bound notepad, some informative literature, and free stickers! Throughout the two days, Activo also treated attendees to some excellent eco-friendly merchandise including a variety of artisan soaps and even jars of honey!

The OnDAM goody-bag with brochure and conference guide

The OnDAM goody-bag with brochure and conference guide

OnDAM honey and artisan soap

Activo sweeten the deal whilst keeping it clean with honey and soap!

Day One

After a warm welcome and introduction from Activo’s Malika Kechich and Frédéric Sanuy, the first speaker of the day was Michelin’s Chief Digital Experience Officer, Patrice Cochin, who discussed both digital and customer experience transformation, and how his company was leveraging cutting-edge technologies to fully realise the potential of modern digital supply chains and customer relationships.  Following on from this, Michelin’s Kevin Bechu and Lucile Logel joined DAM provider Wedia’s Olivier Grenet and PIM vendor InRiver’s Emilia Nilsson to explore enterprise data management.

OnDAM Paris 2023 – Conference – Michelin Patrice Cochin – CDO Michelin

A discussion on data governance in PIM and DAM

A discussion on data governance within PIM and DAM

Additional sessions on day one included keynotes on the digitisation of heritage collections from Einden, the Musee d’Orsay and Dior Heritage, PIM and DAM from CoreMedia, rights management with FADEL, a case study with Longchamp and Bynder, scalability with Accor and Hyland, DAM and CMS with Jahia, brand management from Frontify and ContentSquare, and DAM integration with generative AI from Wedia, Groupe M6 and Activo.  Day one workshops included demonstrations from DALIM, Activo, Alphasia, AI-driven metadata from Canto, Scaleflex, OpenText, CI HUB’s new line-up of features and integrations, and Santa Cruz Software, who were introducing their BannersUI product.

Scaleflex demonstration workshop

Scaleflex demonstration workshop

Andreas Michalski presents CI HUB's new features

Andreas Michalski presents CI HUB’s new features

Case study with Longchamp and Bynder

Case study with Longchamp and Bynder

Day one concluded with wine and soft drinks on the upper floor, complete with a wonderful array of delicious and colourful culinary delicacies.

Superb food, drink and excellent French hospitality!

Superb food, drink and excellent French hospitality!

For the full day one agenda, visit the link below.


For a teaser video of day one, visit the link below:


Day Two

Day two began bright and early with a welcome from Activo, quickly followed by a brief introduction to DAM News and The DAM Playbook from myself and my colleague Ralph Windsor.  Next up was a talk on product management and scalability with Look Cycle and Scaleflex, followed by a case study of a global DAM by Opentext and the International Committee of the Red Cross.  The morning concluded with presentations from Canto, Santa Cruz Software, a discussion on the AI customer journey from Caroline Lair, and brand diversity with Shutterstock’s Ana Roseira.

Sylvian Dailly, International Red Cross and Pierre Phalippou from OpenText

Sylvian Dailly, International Red Cross and Pierre Phalippou from OpenText

The afternoon began with a talk on DAM heritage and communication with project manager of Normandy’s Culture and Heritage department Marie Duplessis and Agatha Derenne, project manager at Agelia, a long-standing French DAM provider.  The afternoon continued with presentations covering generative AI, law and ethics with CEPIC and Shutterstock, hosted by Paul Melcher, leveraging DAM investment with CI HUB, Karen Phillipson and Celine Millinder from Save the Children International. Next on the agenda was an engaging discussion on sustainability within DAM and Activo Green, featuring Wedia, Scaleflex, Frontify and marketing agency INFRA.  The day’s sessions concluded with the DAM Academy – a panel discussion on DAM education featuring Dr. Reem El Asaleh, Director of the Toronto Metropolitan University’s Lab of Excellence in DAM (LED), Agnes Caron from EBD, Claire Scopsi from CNAM Paris, and INA’s Matthieu Richy-Duretests.

B Mark Hilton presents the Santa Cruz Software suite of tools

B Mark Hilton presents the Santa Cruz Software suite of tools

Sylvia Fodor and Ana Roseira explore the ethical issues surrounding generative AI

Sylvia Fodor and Ana Roseira explore the ethical issues surrounding generative AI

Activo Green - Scaleflex, Frontify, Wedia and INFRA discuss sustainability

Activo Green – Scaleflex, Frontify, Wedia and INFRA discuss sustainability

DAM in education and academia with the Lab of Excellence in DAM's Dr. Reem El Asaleh

DAM in education and academia with the Lab of Excellence in DAM’s Dr. Reem El Asaleh

Day two workshops included sessions from InRiver, FotoWare, Activo, MomaSaoft, FADEL, Einden, Nuxeo, Becoming, Frontify, Wedia, and Jahia.

Fotoware Workshop

Fotoware Workshop

The OnDAM in-house artist and technical crew

The OnDAM in-house artist and technical crew

The conference concluded with a networking event on the upper floor, accompanied again by an excellent selection of food and drinks.

For the full day two agenda, visit the link below:


For a teaser video of day two, visit the link below:


Photo Gallery

Peter Krogh has kindly allowed us to host event photographs on the DAM platform, Mediagraph.  Click the link below to view lots more photographs of OnDAM 2023:



The feedback from the attendees and vendors alike is that this year’s event was bigger and better than ever.  With an excellent cross-section of presentations, discussions and workshops, the event managed to cover a diverse range of disciplines, technologies and topics, especially in the field of artificial intelligence, streamlining digital asset supply chains, and the ethical and environmental challenges in a rapidly evolving digital ecosystem.

Many attendees also commented that an ideal balance was struck between DAM promotion, education, discussion and innovation, and by welcoming questions and fostering an overall sense of active participation in the conference, visitors didn’t feel as though they were attending a pitch-heavy sales event (although it was also an excellent opportunity for vendors to present their products and get to know the competition).

User Feedback

Mediagraph was at OnDAM for the second time, and the 2023 event continues to be one of our favorite conferences, It’s a more intimate event than many other conferences, and provides an excellent opportunity to meet people and share information. Activo does a great job getting high-quality vendors and attendees together. While the panels and talks were mostly in French, the simultaneous translation worked very well. (Don’t forget your headphones!) We look forward to expanding our presence next year.

Peter Krogh, Mediagraph

OnDAM provides DAM experts with an excellent platform to find out about the latest developments and to exchange ideas with each other. It has shown me that on-site events are becoming significantly more important again and it is great when they take place in such an exposed environment in the centre of Paris.

Martin Reinheimer, Business Consultant, Pixelboxx

FotoWare attended OnDAM for the first time, and we were excited to see what the event would bring of engagement, inspiration, and potential new collaborations. It really delivered…!  We had several interesting prospects visiting our booth and shared insights with key players on the market.  The topic we chose for our Workshop, Consent Management (GDPR on digital assets), got great feedback both from participants and sponsors.  We are now looking forward to many good follow-up conversations and getting ready for OnDAM 2024 edition!

Cathrine Wessel, Business Development Manager, FotoWare

The OnDAM 23 edition took place successfully in a new venue this year.  The flow of people was smoother between the conference room, workshop rooms, and sponsor booths. The conference room was a little noisy at certain moments however, due to the proximity of the booths. The program was very dense and diverse, and the speakers were of high caliber. I appreciated the balance between practical experience discussions and more general reflections.  For those seeking information about the Digital Asset Management (DAM) sector, its ecosystem, challenges, future perspectives, and vendors, it was the perfect place to be!

Sandra Michaux, Project Manager, Oodrive

I attended the OnDAM Paris, as a speaker, for the third time since its inception and as ever it is incredibly stimulating, challenging and informative pushing the boundaries of DAM! This is a conference I have come to look forward to. The two days are packed with talks and workshops. The rich balance of vendors, DAM practitioners, and consultants provides the opportunity to network and connect with the best in the industry. I gained valuable insights in the DAM industry and new trends. Once again, a great conference!

Celine Millinder, DAM Manager, Save the Children International

There are three things stood out for me this year at OnDam 2023.  First, the industry’s comfort level with Generative AI, from both vendors and users, has noticeably increased. We’re witnessing not just theoretical interest but actual deployments driven by the recognition of GENAI as a practical tool rather than mere hype. It’s still in the early stages but the industry has moved beyond initial fears and anxieties, focusing now on how AI enhances user experiences.

Secondly, what you see and hear at OnDam 2023 is a glimpse into the future. The European DAM industry is significantly influenced by EU legislation like privacy (GDPR), copyright, and sustainability (Digital Product Passport). These regulations heavily shape how digital assets are managed across Europe and, eventually, the world.

Finally, OnDAM serves as a vibrant reminder of the DAM community’s general enthusiasm. There is a thirst for knowledge and information around every aspect of visual file management by people who are truly excited and enthusiastic about the field they are in.

Paul Melcher, Visual Tech Expert, Melcher System

It was a pleasure to participate in this year’s OnDAM Paris event, a standout occasion in the DAM (Digital Asset Management) community’s calendar. The event was abuzz with discussions about the latest innovations and challenges in the industry, ranging from enhancements in speed and productivity to advancements in AI-Powered Search and tech stack integrations. The Canto team was privileged to have Grégory Flipo, Directeur Général of TMC Innovation, join us on his birthday. Grégory shared a compelling account of how digital asset management is helping the growth of their street lighting and furniture design and manufacturing business. This event also provided a unique opportunity for our workshop attendees to witness AI-powered search capabilities (operating without metadata) directly. Set in the elegant surroundings near the Champs-Élysées, the experience was memorable, and we can’t wait to come back!

Roxanne Lewington, Canto

DALIM software has been part of the OnDAM Paris adventure since day one, and I must admit that 2023 has surpassed previous editions both in terms of attendance and content, with a good balance between technology, customer testimonials and ecological & ethical issues. Beyond the business aspect and the identification of several projects, it was the ideal place to meet with experts, listen to market expectations and make great encounters.

Isabelle Billerey Rayel, Business Development Director, DALIM

Over the past 3 years, OnDAM has truly grown to become the annual meeting for professionals and DAM specialists in France. A great opportunity to exchange around innovation and important related topics such as sustainability, AI and the general impact of tech on the world.  For us, it is a great event to finally meet our customers, prospects and partners in person in a wonderful setting in Paris.

Stephanie Aliwell, Channel Manager & Partnerships, Bynder

As a sponsor for the 3rd year, OnDAM’s game was seriously stepped up this year! The sleek new venue really facilitated exchanges with competitors, industry experts and DAM professionals. The Wedia team had a blast showcasing our latest innovations, holding down our stand, and participating in four conferences around generative AI, the role of DAM/PIM in data governance and how to build a sustainable DAM. We look forward to the next edition!

Sara Jabbari, Head of Marketing, Wedia

The Frontify team attended OnDAM for the first time, and we truly enjoyed it. It was great to connect with old and new faces, listen to exciting discussions and learn about the latest trends which DAM has to offer.

Anneke Langhorst, Frontify


A big thank you to all of the fantastic sponsors and their support.


Santa Cruz Software




DAM News

Special Thanks

We would like to extend our thanks to everyone that attended, and the excellent staff, crew and organisers at both venues – your hard work and service was greatly appreciated.

We would also like to express our sincere thanks and gratitude to Fred, Malika and the Activo team for the immense amount of time, resources and dedication they have put into making OnDAM 2023 a world-class DAM event – here’s to OnDAM 2024, we look forward to seeing you there next year!

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