DAM News Digital Asset Manager Salary Survey – Request For Participation

Longer-term DAM News readers might recall that the (now defunct) DAM Foundation used to run an annual salary survey where digital asset managers (i.e. those responsible for administering collections of digital assets) were invited to provide details of their remuneration package so that some analysis could be carried out into industry-wide trends.  I have been in contact with Elizabeth Keathley (who used to organise this) and with the help of her and Deb Fanslow, we have resurrected the survey and are running it again as a DAM News special initiative.  The survey questionnaire is available herehttps://goo.gl/forms/GqvPW3n2ouX5v0CV2

All responses are anonymous and you are not asked for your name, nor email address etc.  There are 35 questions, most of which are controlled selections and it should take around ten minutes to complete.  Only details of your last position are required if you have had more than one post in the last year.  Once we have a sufficient sample of responses, an analysis report will be written and this will be free to download (copies will be placed on our DAM whitepapers site).

If you are employed as a Digital Asset Manager (or involved in running the DAM for your organisation) your participation in this survey would be greatly appreciated.  The information it generates has benefits for everyone concerned and provides some useful benchmarking information that is based on real data that has been provided by those who do the majority of the  work that makes DAM systems useful for end-users.  If anyone has questions about the survey, feel free to leave a comment or get in touch with myself and I will endeavour to answer your questions.

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  • Great initiative to keep this going! It’s invaluable for recruiters,companies and individuals to know market value of such positions!

  • caroline gardner

    thanks for this! so useful to have something like this, especially when negotiating promotions, internal moves, and helping larger hiring committees fill these positions!

  • meghan bundrock

    I was wondering if the old data from the latest previous salary results is still available? I know it’s old, but wondering if I could loosely use it, taking account inflation over the past few years? I used this data when I began this job, and it was very effective in getting my starting pay quite a bit higher than they originally offered. I’m having my position in DAM reassigned to hopefully a higher pay grade and would love some data directly from a DAM related site, vs salary.com if possible. Thanks for your help!

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