DAM Industry Supply Chain Consortium Launched

Today, we are launching an industry consortium to research and discuss the role of Digital Asset Supply Chains with a view to deriving both some standards and technology that can be applied to make the theories explored become a reality.  Digital Asset Supply Chain (DASC) projects have become increasingly prevalent due to the intersection of a number of DAM trends:

  • Increasing use of service-oriented methods to deliver enterprise DAM software.
  • The rise of cloud-oriented methods to deliver DAM solutions.
  • Greater understanding of the need to be able to dissect and modify each stage of the digital asset value chain (especially as it applies to metadata).
  • Multi-vendor digital asset supply chains where digital assets are distributed across numerous different nodes.

While all of these offer opportunities for DAM users to more precisely control their digital asset operations, they bring risks and challenges also.  Simultaneous with the growth of DASC have been other innovations and issues that have not yet been fully explored in the context of Content Digital Asset Management, specifically:

  • Using de-centralisation as a method to hand back control of digital asset data to DAM users and give them greater flexibility and autonomy about how they implement solutions.
  • The role of the Enterprise Service Bus and political issues about who controls integration protocols between applications.
  • The increase in interest in blockchains and Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT).
  • Using blockchains to achieve DAM interoperability.
  • Digital Asset Services Exchanges.

The founder members of the Digital Asset Supply Chain Consortium include Daydream, MediaValet, Assetbank, Brandworkz, GSPANN, MerlinOne and Picturepark who all responded to our posting about this back in February.  The consortium is still open for anyone to join.  Apart from registration, there are no fees nor other commitments to participate.  We welcome members from across the industry, whether they be vendors, consultants or end-users.

The DAM Supply Chain Consortium and where it fits in the context of blockchains will be discussed on Friday 4th May at the Henry Stewart event in New York where myself and Jean Lozano from MediaValet will be speaking about the subject at 11.20am.

More details on the consortium can be found at https://damconsortium.org/

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  • Bithiah Brown

    Thank you for providing information regarding the DAM programs. I believe it will be able to give users an overview of the type of program they are looking for. I like that supply chains will be discussed at the program providing users both the problematic concerns with the system and the highlights of it. The huge benefit is the fee concern. All of those that wish to participate in the consortium only have the fee of the registration. It should have definitely encourage users to see more of it. It makes me slightly sad that I seen this a bit late. It would be been helpful when reviewing DAM suppliers for educational research.

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