Digital Asset Supply Chain Consortium – Invitation To Participate

A week or two ago, I covered an article about blockchain which specifically related to Content DAM and announced that I was setting up a DAM Blockchain consortium.  I have since spoken to a few different people and based on their feedback, we are extending the scope of this to cover the wider topic of digital asset supply chains, this will include:

  • Blockchains
  • Microservices & Service Oriented Architecture (SOA)
  • Interoperability standards
  • Digital Asset Service Exchanges (buying/selling DAM-related services)
  • New/innovative DAM application service delivery models
  • DAM integration
  • Ancillary tools (components which extend the functionality of DAM solutions)

To participate, you do not need to have an interest in all of these areas, but at least three of them must resonate with you.  This might be:

  • As an end-user who is looking to develop a more efficient DAM supply chain for your digital asset operations
  • A vendor (or reseller/partner) who services end-user DAM requirements
  • A consultant who advises end users (or who might provide services that would be used in a digital asset supply chain context such as keywording, cataloguing etc).

The participation form is here .   If you have already filled this out (as a few people have) then you can optionally add more information if you wish, but that it optional.  I intend to coordinate the DAS consortium with the W3C DAM Ontology Project which Emily Kolvitz  and Aaron Bradley set up and is now being managed by Spencer Harris and Matthew Patulski .

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