Some DAM Predictions For 2011

DAM software vendor, Widen, have recently released their predictions for 2011, including the dominance of mobile devices, video management and rise in social media.

“The social media revolution happened so quickly within the past five years that many companies scrambled (and are still scrambling) in an attempt to somehow keep up with the massive changes it has produced in the marketing and sales dynamic. As user-driven media increased in popularity and said users gained the capability of posting and sharing images and videos, such digital media ceased to be solely related to marketing teams and companies who paid for advertisements on the radio, television, or Internet. As marketers have had to adapt to this user-driven, digital dynamic, the need for more advanced means of managing digital assets has risen.” [Read More]

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  • Although I agree broadly with the trends that Widen have identified, I think an important and related issue that hasn’t been raised is that some of these social networking sites, notably Vimeo, actually ‘muddy the DAM waters’. The problem is that many of these social networking platforms provide basic DAM facilities that some businesses believe will suffice. Of course this isn’t the case. Vimeo can pull your videos in a heartbeat, even if you upgrade to their Vimeo Plus (paid-for) service. Further, their provision for metadata and other features is far from adequate for enterprise use. IT and marketing managers beware!

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