Call for Contributions: DAM for Brand Management

This month’s editorial topic is DAM for Brand Management.  A Digital Asset Management system can be instrumental in brand management by providing a centralised platform for storing, organising, and distributing brand assets and acting as a ‘single source of truth’ for approved marketing materials.  Dedicated Brand Asset Management (BAM) platforms can ensure brand consistency by offering easy access to approved logos, images, and guidelines, thus preventing the use of outdated materials and helping to mitigate the risk of diluting or damaging your organisation’s image.  DAM systems can also enable the secure sharing of assets with external partners while controlling access rights.  By providing analytics, DAM systems can offer insights into asset usage and can assist with future brand strategies.  Ultimately, DAM systems enhance brand management by promoting efficient asset utilisation, maintaining consistency, and ensuring that brand assets are effectively deployed across various channels and stakeholders.

Call for Contributions

We are inviting our readers and subscribers for contributions and we’d love to hear about your experiences, insights and challenges regarding the use of a DAM system to manage your brand materials.  Has your organisation recently migrated your brand management activities to a DAM platform?  Have you run into brand consistency issues due to poor management of your brand assets, such as the use of outdated logos or insufficient access to brand guidelines?  Are you a developer who has successfully repurposed a DAM system as a brand portal?  Could the use of a DAM system have saved you from a brand catastrophe?!

Contributed articles must be exclusive to DAM News (i.e. not previously published elsewhere), non-promotional and adhere to our editorial guidelines.

You can send your contributions to

We reserve the right to modify submissions in order to comply with our editorial guidelines and will notify the author should we need to make any changes.  We will also provide a link to either you or your company’s website and/or LinkedIn profile.

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