Digital Asset Management: Differences Between Publishers and Printers

North PlainsWe Speak Digital Media” blog covered an interesting topic yesterday: the difference between the way publishers and printers make use of DAM technology.  The key take-away point is that publishers use DAM solutions to manage a range of components they use to develop or maintain a title – whereas printers will typically use a DAM system to hold completed print-ready artwork.

The article makes a valid point that there is some considerable cross-over between the two requirements and they are by no means clear cut, however, the issues discussed should help those considering the purchase of a DAM focus on their actual as opposed to perceived needs:

In general, yes, printers are working with and transferring large print-ready files. Some of these can be hundreds of megabytes in size and so there can be significant concern in working with clients around bandwidth and the time it takes to send and upload the file. However, internally on a local network, the size of the file is less of an issue. But in general they tend to work with whole files and less frequently with the individual pieces — unless they’re doing specific touch up and color correction work on individual assets contained in the final work.” [Read More]

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