DAM News Weekly Review: An Open Or Shut Case?

This week the ‘Flash vs HTML5’ format war continued to rage with suggestions that Apple’s Flash embargo is based purely on commercial strategy and has nothing whatsoever to do with technical issues, a revelation that is sure to convince even more content and digital asset management software vendors that HTML5 is the future for their products, assuming those pesky compatibility issues can be ironed out.

Open source also appeared on the news radar this week with the announcement of the SciDB, an open source science-specific database engine that aims to meet the specific needs of data-intensive scientific queries. Although it is unclear at this stage, how widely the database will be adopted by commercial users, its development represents an increasing trend of changing attitudes towards open source solutions, a trend reflected in Nuxeo’s whitepaper released this week, which aims to quash any fear, uncertainty and doubt when it comes to considering open source software solutions.  So, are the open source values of cooperation and collaboration the way forward for the software industry?  It would seem Steve Jobs would be the last to agree!

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