Nuxeo: Fighting The Fear, Uncertainty And Doubt About Open Source ECM

Open Source ECM vendor, Nuxeo have a released a white paper entitled: “8 Things You Need to Know About Open Source ECM“.  The paper takes some of the FUD (Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt) spread about open source solutions in general and ECM in particular.  It was written by Nuxeo’s CMO, Cheryl McKinnon who used to work for OpenText until last year:

“There is still a striking level of FUD messaging (Fear, Uncertainty, Doubt…) that legacy vendors spin in order to distract customers from considering an open source ECM offering, so I wanted to share some of the truths and observations that I’ve learned over the last few months.” [Read More]

As well as the paper there is a slideshare presentation that was originally delivered last week on 28th April also.

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