Featured Job – Senior DAM Manager, Major League Soccer – 2nd February 2023

This week’s highlighted position is for a Senior DAM Manager for Apple Brand Portal with the United States professional soccer league Major League Soccer (MLS).  Operating out of New York as part of the Brand & Integration Marketing team, the successful candidate is expected to have at least five years’ experience working with Digital Asset Management systems, with a similar level of experience of project management at a creative agency.  Key responsibilities will include leading the development of a branded assets portal and running the DAM system on a daily basis and undertaking common tasks such as upload, ingestion, and tagging.  Other duties cover establishing file-naming conventions and metadata standards, planning roadmaps for improving tools and workflows, and onboarding and training DAM users.

This role will help ensure that our broadcast partner, Apple, has access to the most recent and useful digital assets, including photos, logos, event marks and creative toolkits. You will be responsible for creating and managing a new central destination for all of Apple’s creative needs and will be a key point of contact with Apple design teams in LA and Cupertino and, in the future, worldwide.”  [Read More]

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