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Representatives from Insight Exchange Network (IEN) contacted me recently to ask us to inform DAM News readers that they are holding a DAM-related conference early next year on January 22-24 in New York entitled: Digital Assets and Content Leadership Exchange.  From the publicity materials:

As content velocity increases and the volume of digital assets grows exponentially maximizing those assets’ value hinges on managing them effectively. This two part conference will provide innovative insights on how you can effectively monetize and maintain your digital asset infrastructure. Attend IEN’s Digital Assets and Content Leadership Exchange for practical strategies to enable you to keep up with the increasing complexity and quickening pace of asset management and delivery.” [Read More]

I gather that Tracy Wolfe, who writes the Mod Librarian blog (including the ’10 things on the 10th’ links series – which I religiously check every month) is speaking at this event.  The list of topics looks interesting, including these specific examples that stood out for me:

  • Digital content and asset managers as strategic partners—leveraging your department’s value
  • Increasing enterprise-wide tool use through effective training programs—hear from those who have done this successfully
  • Demonstrating departmental value through key metrics
  • Wringing greater returns out of assets through advances in metadata

There is a full list and more details on their event microsite.  The discount code DAMNEWS200 will also get you $200 off the ticket price for this event.


DAM News Digital Asset Manager Salary Survey – Request For Participation

November 6, 2017 Industry News

Longer-term DAM News readers might recall that the (now defunct) DAM Foundation used to run an annual salary survey where digital asset managers (i.e. those responsible for administering collections of digital assets) were invited to provide details of their remuneration package so that some analysis could be carried out into industry-wide trends.  I have been […]

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Digital Asset Management Industry Business Ontology Community Group

October 18, 2017 Industry Standards

A W3C Digital Asset Management Industry Business Ontology community group has recently been started and is chaired by Emily Kolvitz and Aaron Bradley: “The mission of Digital Asset Management Business Ontology Community Group is to propose, discuss, create and maintain extensions to related to the Digital Asset Management Industry.” [Read More] The extension of […]

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Request For Article Submissions: Digital Asset Supply Chain And Creative Operations Management Series

October 13, 2017 Industry News

In the last few months, we have seen a marked increase in the interest in Digital Asset Supply Chain projects and (to a lesser extent) Creative Operations Management.  This is something we have talked about a lot on DAM News quite a lot, but the recent spike in demand is notable for how quickly it […]

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Elvis Release Swivle DAM Lite System

October 6, 2017 Vendors

Dutch vendor, WoodWing have released Swivle which is a ‘DAM Lite’ solution to complement their more advanced Content DAM solution, Elvis.  I gather the name is some clever play on words using a reverse form of ‘Elvis’, unfortunately, this doesn’t translate entirely successfully (into colloquial UK English, at least).  In the part of the world where […]

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DAM Vendors Directory Premium Accounts Now Free Of Charge

October 3, 2017 Vendors

We have recently made the premium accounts on our DAM Vendor directory free of charge.  All existing registered users have been upgraded.  Those who have paid for a premium account subscription (which has not expired) should have been issued refunds or a copy of the 2016 vendor pricing survey as an alternative, depending on their […]

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Forthcoming 2018 DAM Vendor Pricing Survey

September 28, 2017 Vendors

We are currently considering running another DAM News vendor pricing survey to be published in 2018.  This will be similar to the one we released last year (copies of which are still available).  The previous study was supported by 16 vendors who all contributed data: Asset Bank, Brandfolder, Brandworkz, Daminion, Digital Collections, Digizuite, Freestyle Partners, hyper Content […]

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Review Of Bynder’s Orbit Content DAM System

September 15, 2017 Vendors

Spencer Harris, who a number of DAM News readers will know from his participation in various DAM-related LinkedIn groups and his contribution to the excellent New Jersey DAM meetup group webinars about metadata automation last year has written an initial review of Bynder’s recently released Orbit DAM system.  The item is more of a preliminary overview […]

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Analysing The Intrinsic And Extrinsic Value Of Preservation Digital Assets

September 5, 2017 Preservation

Annella Mendoza has contributed another feature article for DAM News: High Value Digital Assets And Migration.  This item applies the definition of digital assets that I offered on Digital Asset News last month, in particular the concepts of intrinsic and extrinsic value: “In the course of conducting business, some organizations eventually produce or acquire digital files. Digital […]

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