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Ben Smidt, who is manager of the DAM Guru Programme has contributed a feature article for DAM News that both collates and discusses some of the comments expressed by some of their members about our article series: What’s Holding DAM Back:

I believe strongly that any industry stands to be better off with more educated individuals in it. This means not just customers or users of DAM technology, but also the inclusion of vendor employees and those who in the media sector report on the topic. If leaders and experts in diverse industries could come together to share ideas and test real solutions, based on feedback and brainstorming, we might have a chance at advancing our industry.” [Read More]

As well as Ben’s item, you can also read all the responses on their website.  For anyone who missed it, the series was also discussed at the Atlanta DAM Meetup last month and Elizabeth Keathley made an audio recording of it which was turned into a podcast that you can listen to.

I have been pleasantly surprised by the directness and honesty of the reactions generated by these articles.  They should serve to demonstrate how there are multiple layers to the experiences of users and why there is still a massive amount of work to do before DAM can be said to have realised anything like its full potential as an enterprise technology.


Feature Article: Who Needs a DAM Librarian? Part IV: The Rise of the Information Professional

April 15, 2015 Special Features

Deborah Fanslow, has written the fourth and final instalment of her DAM News feature article series: Who Needs a DAM Librarian?  Part IV: The Rise of the Information Professional.  The item continues the same the device of using a job interview between a hiring manager and an information professional to present the issues.  She considers subjects like how to ensure that your DAM […]

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OASIS Releases Press About CMIS4DAM

April 15, 2015 Industry Standards

Earlier this week, OASIS released some press about the proposed CMIS4DAM standard: “Members of the OASIS open standards consortium are defining a profile of the widely adopted Content Management Interoperability Services (CMIS) standard for use in Digital Asset Management (DAM). The work of the new OASIS CMIS4DAM Technical Committee will eliminate the need for expensive custom […]

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London DAM Meetup – 25th June 2015

April 7, 2015 Industry Events

There is a London DAM Meetup on 25th June 2015 which is being organised by Michele Jouan.  This is being held after the Henry Stewart DAM EU conference from 5.30 – 6.30pm at the same venue in W1 and is usually continued at a nearby pub: “In collaboration with Henry Stewart, please join us for drinks after the […]

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Atlanta DAM Meetup Podcast

March 30, 2015 Industry Events

The Atlanta DAM Meetup group recorded a podcast of their last meeting where (amongst other topics) they discussed DAM innovation and the What’s Holding DAM Back? series we ran on DAM News recently.  The audio file is hosted on Elizabeth Keathley’s site, I will refrain from discussing the content of the podcast as we have been over […]

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Daminion Upgrade To Version 3.7

March 18, 2015 Vendors

Vendor, Daminion Software, have announced version 3.7 of their desktop client/server DAM system of the same name.  The key new feature is Active Directory (AD) integration so users can login with the same credentials as their corporate workstation: “Integration with the Windows Active Directory allows the Daminion Server to sync with a company’s existing  user database without […]

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Adobe SmartPic: A Brief Glimpse Of Metadata Insight?

March 17, 2015 Vendors

Last week, Adobe’s PR people sent us a variety of links in relation to their summit which were demonstrations of technologies from their ‘labs’ research division.  One example which is specifically about DAM is called SmartPic.  There is a quote below, but to understand the first issue I will discuss, you also need to see the […]

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The Need For DAM Architectural Strategy: Seeing The Bigger Picture And Doing Something About It

March 10, 2015 Opinion

It is a month since we published the What’s Holding DAM Back? series of article which was written by Jeff Lawrence, David Diamond and myself.  Previous to that we published, our critique of current DAM innovation which used Jeff’s CMSWire article as a primary source.  There have been a some follow-up items and others which are not in response to them, […]

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DAM Guru Program Extended To Offer Freelance Assistance – Advice For Prospective Clients

February 26, 2015 Industry News

The DAM Guru Program (DGP) which is sponsored by DAM vendor, Picturepark, announced on Tuesday that they are now matching requests for freelance assistance with registered gurus, in addition to full-time jobs: “DAM Guru Program is now two years old and more than 650 signups strong. To enable the DAM community to better benefit from the growing range […]

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