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Blockchains For Content DAM: From Myth To Reality

by Ralph Windsor on December 6, 2017

On our features section, I have written article: Blockchain And Content DAM: Myth, Reality And Practical Applications.

Recently, I have read a few articles which make some critical remarks about blockchain for DAM.  There are some reasonable points advanced, however, there are also misunderstandings and myths about what blockchains are and how they might be applied to Content DAM.  In fairness, there is an even greater amount of hyperbole, overblown expectations and misunderstandings from the supporters of this technology also.  In this piece, I am going to try to present a balanced case as to why blockchains will be relevant for Content DAM, but from a more practical, implementation-oriented perspective as I have yet to read much that explains that side in any depth.  Some of this article is technical in-nature, but I would expect most readers to be able to grasp the basic points, irrespective of their background.” [Read More]

I cover the myths in some depth, but also discuss the wider context of Digital Asset Supply Chains.  The majority of the assignments that clients ask me to consult on now are digital asset supply chain-oriented and while it is great to see these ideas being adopted (after many years of advocating this approach) as ever with IT issues, practical implementation issues could hold back progress.

I have read a lot of articles, tweets and other comment by various people in DAM who don’t understand the application of blockchains to DAM, i.e. how they could be used to solve real-world digital asset supply chain problems.  In some cases this is because they just don’t wish to, in others (and I accept there might be a bit of overlap also) it is because insufficient or inadequate examples have been provided to illustrate how that might happen.  I hope this piece will address that.


Brandworkz Announce Release 8.1

December 5, 2017 Vendors

DAM solutions provider Brandworkz have announced a new version of their cloud-based brand management software, which claims to focus on “providing better asset visibility and business intelligence”.  Although 8.1 is only a minor version upgrade, it looks as though they’ve undertaken some fairly extensive refactoring. The full list of new features is as follows: Full […]

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IntelligenceBank Launch ‘Lightning-Fast’ Search

December 5, 2017 Vendors

Last week, IntelligenceBank announced the launch of its ‘Lightning-Fast’ search, as part of its 3.0 upgrade.  According to their CEO Tessa Court: “With this upgrade, our backend infrastructure is 15x faster than other platforms, and we have literally brought a desktop computing experience to the cloud” [Read More] We have covered this type of press […]

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DAM News Vendor Research Toolkit Offer

November 28, 2017 Vendors

From today until 31st December 2017, we are offering a combined package of our vendor research report and pricing survey for the all-in price of $499.  This includes: Vendor features and benchmarking guide (13,500 words over 61 pages) Strategy selection report (20,000 words over 50 pages) 2016 vendor pricing survey (both original data in spreadsheet […]

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DAM and AI Growing Pains: Ingestion or Indigestion?

November 24, 2017 Digital Asset Management

VP for Nuxeo, Uri Kogan, has recently published the penultimate article in his 7 Common Beliefs in the DAM Market series. For this post, Uri turns his focus to that ubiquitous herald of the new age, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and more specifically, its potential uses within Digital Asset Management. It’s undeniable that AI and machine-learning […]

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5 Brand Maxims for Digital Marketers

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Anna Cotton, Head of Marketing for Brandworkz, has recently posted an article outlining a number of tips for raising and consolidating brand awareness across your business.  ‘How to get the most value out of your digital asset management platform’ provides a simple entrée into the benefits of adopting best-practice brand management across an organisation. The […]

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New Member Of DAM News Writing Team

November 21, 2017 Industry News

I’m pleased to report today that we have a new staff writer joining us on the DAM News team.  My colleague from Daydream, Charles Russell will be taking over primary responsibility for the more news-related content so I can concentrate on feature articles and general editorial responsibilities.  All general editorial enquiries can continue to be […]

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Insight Exchange Network (IEN) Digital Assets & Content Leadership Exchange​ – New York, January 22-24

November 14, 2017 Industry Events

Representatives from Insight Exchange Network (IEN) contacted me recently to ask us to inform DAM News readers that they are holding a DAM-related conference early next year on January 22-24 in New York entitled: Digital Assets and Content Leadership Exchange.  From the publicity materials: “As content velocity increases and the volume of digital assets grows […]

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DAM News Digital Asset Manager Salary Survey – Request For Participation

November 6, 2017 Industry News

Longer-term DAM News readers might recall that the (now defunct) DAM Foundation used to run an annual salary survey where digital asset managers (i.e. those responsible for administering collections of digital assets) were invited to provide details of their remuneration package so that some analysis could be carried out into industry-wide trends.  I have been […]

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