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A few weeks ago, I wrote a feature article, Finding Signs Of Life In DAM about why some people are saying ‘DAM is dead’ and what could be done about it.  In the first piece, I attempted to diagnose the problem and came up with some possible lines of enquiry to devise solutions, including digital asset supply chains and interoperability.  The article was debated at some length on the DAM News LinkedIn group and two contributions from Jim Jezioranski and Eric Fulmer in particular persuaded me that DAM user education should get added into the list of topics to cover in this series (although I should make it clear, there were some good points raised by other people involved also).

Turning to the digital asset supply chain, in the next article, I have examined why this I believe this aspect is integral to the process of assigning relevant metadata to digital assets.  I propose some tentative options for implementing more efficient supply chains which would simplify the metadata entry process for users (although I also acknowledge there are risks and trade-offs which will need to be carefully navigated)

A digital asset supply chain means being able to make explicit the implicit connections between the sources and destinations of assets: in other words, where they came from and where they are going.  If there is greater awareness that digital assets are not just disconnected entities, but an appreciation that they will need to get ingested into DAM solutions (and used afterwards) then there is a greater opportunity to acquire contextual information about them which can be used later for metadata-related purposes.” [Read More]

With the exception of Mark Leslie’s excellent article about digital supply chains,  most of the material I read concerning this subject covers subjects like ‘creative operations’, workflow or marketing operations management.  While those are not invalid subjects, the potential to use digital supply chains as both sources of metadata and digital asset operations governance tools has not yet been given sufficient attention and I hope my article will add to the number of voices who intend that to change in the future.


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Finding Signs Of Life In DAM

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IntelligenceBank Upgrades DAM Solution

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Aprimo Acquires ADAM

March 17, 2017 Industry News

Yesterday, DAM vendor, ADAM announced that they had been acquired by MRM firm, Aprimo.  Here are the quotes from their respective bosses, first John Stammen, CEO of Aprimo: “Our merger with ADAM will further expand our marketing asset management solutions and enable us to offer a complete enterprise-class content solution. The combination creates a robust platform that addresses […]

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