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Managing Document Assets In DAM Solutions

by Ralph Windsor on November 24, 2015

On our features section, I have written an article with some advice and recommendations about how to treat document assets which might be of interest to readers who have a number of assets of this type held within their DAM (or those who plan to in the future):

The range of document support in many DAM systems tends to be oriented towards marketing use-cases, like PDFs, InDesign files etc, but more conventional Office formats like PowerPoint or Word files are also relatively common in most systems these days. In the case of production/workflow DAM solutions used to store and coordinate work-in-progress, while the documents might not be ever be actually used, they still need to be searchable, especially where narrative copy or transcripts need to be accessed as component assets. Further, their role appears to be increasing in DAM (relative to othes) and it is far greater now than it was 10-15 years ago when DAM systems got referred to using descriptions like ‘The Photo Library’.” [Read More]


Where In The World Are Your Digital Assets?

November 13, 2015 Cloud Computing

One of the recent changes in DAM system technology over the last five years has been the increased use of cloud storage providers to hold asset files.  Previously, most DAM solutions relied on a file storage method that worked more or less like a big hard disk, even if it was actually a separate network attached device dedicated […]

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Extensis Update Portfolio For 2016

November 4, 2015 Vendors

DAM vendor, Extensis, announced the 2016 edition of their DAM solution, Portfolio yesterday.  The new features are described below: Version control Asset check out and check in File locking Secure, Centralized Storage Asset check out and file locking read like they’re very similar features to me.  I would guess the difference is that check in allows […]

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Do You Need Mobile DAM?

October 28, 2015 Emerging DAM Technologies

One of the recent themes in DAM with the corporate users I deal with, is the role of mobile.  When asked to explain the reasoning behind their interest, some commonly-held misunderstandings about our subject are sometimes revealed.  These are partly related to topics I mentioned a few weeks ago in my article, Understanding The Difference Between Digital […]

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Using DAM To Integrate Marketing Activities

October 15, 2015 Opinion

Last week, CMSWire published an article by Mohan Taylor, from North Plains: DAM Goes to Market(ing).  This is one of the better argued pieces I’ve read about handling the marketing use-case in DAM: “I fundamentally believe that the software solution is only as good as the DAM processes that the organization adopts. For the marketing use-cases, the […]

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Widen Release Media Collective 9.0

October 5, 2015 Vendors

Last week, DAM vendor, Widen, announced version 9.0 of their Media Collective DAM solution.  Of particular note was the ‘Insights’ feature, which they released some press about: “Widen Enterprises, a leading provider of software services that help marketing teams organize content, has launched Digital Asset Management (DAM) Insights, a new analytics tool for Media Collective, the company’s […]

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Planet DAM Now Syndicated On DAM News

September 29, 2015 Industry News

Recent visitors to DAM News might notice the sidebar with links from Tim Strehle’s Planet DAM feed which we have now syndicated (with Tim’s permission).  Planet DAM is Tim’s hand-picked selection of DAM articles from different participants in our industry and includes vendors, consultants and a variety of personal blogs and related websites. I frequently use this as my go-to […]

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Understanding The Difference Between Digital Marketing And Digital Asset Management

September 21, 2015 Opinion

An issue I seem to encounter a lot when dealing with organisations who require assistance with their Digital Asset Management initiatives is a widespread misunderstanding about the difference between Digital Asset Management and Digital Marketing.  You will often find those with responsibility for the latter being asked to make executive decisions about the former.  How enthusiastic they […]

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Introduction To The Special Library Association DAM Section

September 11, 2015 Industry News

Deb Fanslow who is one of the editors of The DAM Directory (and who wrote the four-part feature article Who Needs A DAM Librarian?) together with John Horodyski have contributed a feature article for DAM News: DAM Student And DAM Professor Combine Forces For DAM Good.  The article describes the new Special Library Association DAM Section which John and Deb are co-chairing: “The […]

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The Confused Picture Of Enterprise Digital Asset Management Adoption

September 4, 2015 Industry News

Earlier today,I cam across this item on Computer Business Review: $billion businesses lead digital content management adoption.  The basis of the article is some research by analysts Kable where they highlight that approximately 75% of larger businesses with a $1bn+ turnover have now invested into Digital Asset Management technologies (amongst others, such as enterprise search) “While 74.2 percent […]

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House & Co Release DigiZuite Media Manager

August 28, 2015 Vendors

House & Co (who used to be known as ‘DigiEyeZ’) have announced the release of Media Manager, which is part of their DigiZuite range.  The major features are: Sharing of media and collaboration on assets and distribution via social media Uploading, editing, cropping from all clients (i.e. functional equivalence across desktop, tablets and mobile phones) Search facility Upload […]

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