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IntelligenceBank Add Social Media Embedding Of Digital Assets

by Ralph Windsor on September 15, 2014

IntelligenceBank, have announced support for embedding digital assets into social media platforms and third party websites.  The press release is short, but this quote from their CEO, Tessa Court covers the key points:

Not only can you distribute images and video across several channels at once, but when the file is updated with a new version – it gets distributed instantly.” [Read More]

Other vendors offer similar capabilities and indeed, Getty’s Embed player which they announced six months ago has a lot of similarities with this model.  There seems to be two approaches to extending the reach of DAM beyond the central system itself, either allowing external usage and tracking social media distribution or putting a window to the DAM into the target website.  Obviously, each method has pros and cons and many vendors are now adding support for both to try and cover all bases,  but they all point towards an inexorable trend for DAM solutions to extend their reach beyond the confines of the central application itself.

This does add some weight to the suggestion that DAM platforms might eventually only be used by a core team of digital asset managers with other users accessing the DAM solution’s features via some other intermediary system.  That has some intriguing implications for the UI models employed, since you would expect those users to want more advanced capabilities that allow them to enhance their productivity.


Do Organisations Need A Dedicated Digital Asset Management Department?

September 5, 2014 Opinion

Romney Whitehead wrote an article One giant leap for DAM last week on her Borrowed Insight blog.  In the piece, she talks about the need for a dedicated Digital Asset Management department, following the discussion of it at last month’s London DAM Meetup: “More often than not the starting place for the DAM team will be […]

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Picturepark Announce Sitecore Connector

September 4, 2014 Vendors

Picturepark, have announced the release of a Sitecore connector for their DAM of the same name.  Sitecore is a .NET based WCM (Web Content Management) platform.  Since the term ‘website’ has acquired a bit of an old-fashioned tinge to it these days and the medium might equally be something like a mobile app etc, WCM vendors […]

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New DAM Directory Resource

August 27, 2014 Industry News

Deborah Fanslow and Emily Kolvitz have put together a DAM Directory under the auspices of DAM Foundation with a lot of useful links to various DAM information, reference guides and sites, including: resources, organisations, publications, vendors, consultants and case studies.  The directory is sub-divided into Corporate DAM and Jobs sections and it looks like they plan […]

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DAM Confusion Or Irreparable Fragmentation?

August 27, 2014 Opinion

Last week, CMSWire ran an article with the title DAM Confusion in the Marketplace by Elizabeth Keathley of Atlanta Metadata Authority and author of the book Digital Asset Management: Content Architectures, Project Management, and Creating Order out of Media Chaos.  This prompted a fair amount of interest, mainly because Elizabeth made an analysis of the DAM market based on the […]

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The NetScout/Gartner Dispute And DIY Evaluation Techniques For DAM Buyers

August 19, 2014 Vendors

Ralph Windsor, editor of DAM News has provided a feature article: The Broken IT Analyst Market And Evaluation Options For Cost-Conscious DAM Buyers.  He assesses the impact of the NetScout lawsuit against Gartner, considers some alternative perspectives on the role played by them both and discusses the wider implications.  He also outlines some DIY solutions evaluation […]

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Picturepark Partner With Sorenson Media To Update Video Support

August 19, 2014 Vendors

One of our featured DAM Vendors, Picturepark, have announced updated support for video via partnership with Sorenson Media today: “In addition to making audio and video available in many more formats than were previously available in Picturepark, the new Video Converter also enables Picturepark to accept inbound audio and video in more formats. Download formats are […]

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Digital Asset Management Workflow – The Key To Implementing Effective CXM Strategies

August 15, 2014 Opinion

There have been a few more articles on DAM in CMSWire over the last week or two.  One which is short, but makes a very good point is this by Irina Guseva: Improve DAM Creative Workflows First, CXM Will Follow.  The theme of the item is that CXM depends on having the right assets available to the relevant people […]

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Southpaw Introduce Apps To Extend The Functionality Of The TACTIC Platform

August 13, 2014 Open Source

One of our featured open source DAM vendors, Southpaw Technologies, have developed a series of app that are designed to run on top of their TACTIC DAM platform.  The three apps are: VFX App – a specialist workflow tool for visual effects studios aSync – synchronisation of multiple copies of digital assets across a wide […]

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Methods To Improve DAM Adoption

August 8, 2014 DAM Education

CMSWire are running another series of DAM-related articles this week (and next, I believe). The focus this time around is more practical stuff about how to get more out of the technology, as opposed to the comment and opinion feature series they have run.  There have been a few good items which are worth drawing […]

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