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WebDAM Digital Asset Management ROI Whitepaper

November 13, 2014 Vendors

Cloud DAM Vendor, WebDAM have recently sent us a copy of a paper they have written about how to measure DAM ROI.  I must admit, I normally fear getting issued with these documents and asked for an opinion on them, perhaps only slightly less than that other tool of Satan, the DAM ROI Infographic.  In this rare […]

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Consolidated DAM Solutions – Implement Bigger Systems Or Use A Service-Oriented Strategy?

November 11, 2014 Opinion

Today, I have published a feature article for DAM News: Devising Strategies For Consolidating DAM Solutions Using A Service Oriented Model.  The subject is concerned with the recent interest in consolidating DAM solutions which seems to be a popular one with DAM users who have been through previous implementation exercises (and is rapidly becoming the majority now).  I have […]

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DAM RFP: Brand USA Digital Asset Management Solution

October 30, 2014 Vendors

Over on DAM Projects we have posted details of an RFP for a DAM Solution sent to us by Brand USA who promote travel and tourism to the United States.  The project post contains a link to a PDF with all the details.  Any questions must be asked before 3rd November and the deadline is 13th November, so any vendors […]

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Legacy Metadata – The Next Big DAM Problem?

October 29, 2014 Opinion

Like a lot of people I know in the Digital Asset Management trade currently, my firm has been deluged with client work for a sustained period.  Several times in recent weeks, I’ve been asked why I think that is.  Some vendors advance the theory that it’s because their solutions have become more sophisticated and demand has increased as […]

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New Feature Article – Who Needs a DAM Librarian?

October 10, 2014 DAM For Librarians

Deborah Fanslow has contributed the first part in a series of DAM News feature articles in response to David Diamond’s piece for CMSWire: Library Science, Not Library Silence: “After reading David’s article, I was inspired to do a little informal research. I was curious…when did the topic of librarians enter the DAM conversation? Have any vendors other than […]

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IntelligenceBank Add UI Customisation Features

October 9, 2014 Vendors

Australian DAM vendor, IntelligenceBank , have  added some UI customisation features to their DAM solution.  Mainly this is branding related updates that let users add logos and background images: “IntelligenceBank Marketing continues to innovate in the areas of user-centric branding. Recently IntelligenceBank launched the new Background Image feature, to accompany the following brand customization features for its Digital […]

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Where Next For Differentiation In The DAM Software Market?

October 3, 2014 Opinion

In the previous article today, we covered Widen’s release of their SmartImage ‘DAM Lite’ system and yesterday, the update to Portfolio from Extensis.  I would not want to do a direct comparison between SmartImage and Portfolio since I’m just basing this on some press and web pages, but an impression you might gain from just looking at […]

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Widen Update SmartImage To 4.0

October 3, 2014 Vendors

Widen have updated their SmartImage ‘DAM Lite’ SaaS product to a new version 4.0.  The new features include: Public and custom portals – links to collections of assets Batch editing of assets Quick search using file type and keyword filters. Performance enhancements Increased storage capacity subscription options There is also an introductory quote explaining what SmartImage is from […]

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Extensis Upgrade Portfolio DAM

October 2, 2014 Vendors

Extensis announced an upgraded edition of their Portfolio DAM system today.  The highlights are: Updated User Interface Increased in capacity to 10m assets Live ‘as you type’ searches for assets, or ‘Guided Search’ as Extensis call it Faster search results (i.e. more efficient indexing) Faster metadata extraction for generating automated cataloguing data Addition of required […]

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DAM Foundation Digital Asset Manager Human Resources Survey – Call For Participation

October 2, 2014 DAM Skills

DAM Foundation are conducting a survey into human resourcing for Digital Asset Managers, especially salaries and the type of employers who most frequently hire them.  They have conducted this study in previous years (since 2011) so the objective is to measure how the Digital Asset Manager HR situation has changed over time. If you are employed in this type […]

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