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Digital Asset News Launched

by Ralph Windsor on August 11, 2017

Today we are launching a new title: Digital Asset News, this covers the subject of digital assets, but in a wider sense of the term and follows on from feature articles I wrote at the start of 2016, the piece on digital asset value chains going back to 2013 and some articles for other publications that are less technology-oriented (or at least approach the subject from a different angle).  The first post considers a universal definition of digital assets as I believe this has not been carried out satisfactorily by those I have read previously (although some have been considerably better than others, it should be noted).  For those with limited attention spans, this quote is the summary:

A simple definition of a digital asset is that it is a collection of binary data which is self-contained, uniquely identifiable and has a value.” [Read More]

If you are someone who is less keen on longer items, however, you might not be that interested in the subject matter which we will address on the new title as the articles are likely to be longer and more oriented towards metadata, digital asset value and digital asset supply chains.  We are not fully decided yet on the exact boundaries between what will be DAM News subjects and those more applicable to Digital Asset News, however, the latter is likely to cover more conceptual topics rather than discussions about tool vendors etc.


Are Bynder Orbiting Or Departing From Planet DAM?

August 2, 2017 Vendors

Last week, DAM vendor, Bynder announced the release of a ‘creative files management’ tool called Orbit.  There is a waiting list to get an account, so I will have to defer any assessment of its capabilities for a while.  I have not yet encountered anyone who has been approved so far and I am hoping this […]

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Extensis Update Portfolio For 2017

July 21, 2017 Vendors

DAM vendor, Extensis  announced an update to their Portfolio DAM solution earlier this week.  This is the press quote from Toby Martin, whose job title is ‘Vice President of Development and Strategy’ (which sounds like he has to deal with all the jobs at Extensis that no one else there wants to): “Extensis’ ongoing mission is […]

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Digital Asset Supply Chains And Seismic Changes In The Enterprise DAM Software Market

July 11, 2017 Opinion

I have written a feature article for DAM News with the title: Enterprise Discontent With Current DAM Solutions And The Impending Future Of Digital Asset Management.  The piece covers a number of concurrent developments in the enterprise segment of DAM (and quite possibly applies to smaller-scale implementations also).  This is the summation of some observations and […]

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Northplains NEXT – A Step Forward Or Too Little Too Late?

June 28, 2017 Vendors

A couple of weeks ago, Northplains released a new DAM platform called NEXT (not to be confused with similarly named competitor, NetX).  This replaces their Telescope and OnBrand products, the former their original platform first developed 20 or more years ago and the latter dating from their acquisition of UK vendor, Vyre in late 2012.  […]

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DAM Standards Site For API Documentation

June 5, 2017 DAM Interoperability

As described in my recent feature article: Finding Signs Of Life In DAM: Interoperability 1.0  we are assembling a repository of DAM-related API documentation to be held at  The intention behind this is to build a library of DAM system APIs (and other related standards that may not be associated with a vendor).  Vendors with […]

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Improving DAM User Adoption

May 24, 2017 ROI And Business Cases For DAM

Emily Quan, has written an article, How to Improve DAM User Adoption and Maximize ROI for the blog of consulting group, Optimity (who metadata expert, John Horodyski also works for).  The item is concise, but it covers some useful points that are succinctly expressed, for example: “Achieving high user engagement and active participation post-launch is challenging, […]

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DAM Interoperability 1.0

May 19, 2017 Industry Standards

Continuing our Finding Signs Of Life In DAM series, in this next piece, I have begun to consider DAM interoperability, which I contend is one of the factors why DAM has failed to gain traction in enterprises: “Why is interoperability important to DAM progressing as an enterprise technology? Without proper standards, every third party technology […]

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Good Questions To Ask DAM Vendors

May 5, 2017 Vendors

Jens Lundgaard, who is the CEO of DAM vendor, Brandworkz has written an article on their blog called: Five good questions you must ask your DAM vendor before you buy.  The piece considers the architectural aspect of DAM applications, such as scalability and integration (amongst other topics): “It’s easy to get excited about software functionality when […]

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Using Integrated Digital Asset Supply Chains To Derive Relevant Metadata For Digital Assets

April 24, 2017 Opinion

A few weeks ago, I wrote a feature article, Finding Signs Of Life In DAM about why some people are saying ‘DAM is dead’ and what could be done about it.  In the first piece, I attempted to diagnose the problem and came up with some possible lines of enquiry to devise solutions, including digital asset supply chains […]

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