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Daminion Upgrade To Version 3.7

by Ralph Windsor on March 18, 2015

Vendor, Daminion Software, have announced version 3.7 of their desktop client/server DAM system of the same name.  The key new feature is Active Directory (AD) integration so users can login with the same credentials as their corporate workstation:

Integration with the Windows Active Directory allows the Daminion Server to sync with a company’s existing  user database without having to manually entering user names and passwords. Users, in their turn, can be logged-in to Daminion automatically with no need re-entering their Window NT/Active Directory passwords.” [Read More]

There is a list of the other items on this blog post, in addition to the press release quoted from above.  It would be fair to say that Daminion target the affordable end of the DAM market, although their system is less ‘DAM lite’ and more focussed on DAM for small groups of users; the functionality is relatively sophisticated (for the cost) and in advance of what a number of other more costly multi-user web based DAM solutions offer, albeit with more limited scalability.

I can’t say the other new features stand out as that notable for me and they are likely to be of interest only if you are already a Daminion user (e.g. faster performance, extended media support etc).  The AD integration enhancement is an interesting case.  A few years ago, this type of feature was considered one of the distinguishing characteristics of an enterprise DAM solution and frequently implied a price tag to match.  As we have discussed on DAM News this year in some depth, while the rate of innovation might be slowing down in the DAM software industry, the ability for the discount end of the market to rapidly assimilate what were once considered ‘cutting edge’ points of differentiation into their own products (and lower the average price point as a result) should not be underestimated.  Those vendors hoping to keep the moats to their castles filled solely with intangibles such as brand reputation, duration in the industry and perceived ease of use (etc) can expect to find themselves under increased pressure from both prospective and current users to justify themselves and their pricing strategies.


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DAM Foundation Digital Asset Management Training Courses

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