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Bynder Acquires WebDAM From Shutterstock

by Ralph Windsor on February 16, 2018

Some news announced today is that Cloud DAM vendor Bynder have acquired WebDAM from Shutterstock (who also bought them from the original founders four years ago).  There is more information here:

When offered the chance to work together, we agreed. It was clear our combined teams could go after this market in ways that others couldn’t. The DAM category is evolving fast. Marketers today are producing more digital content than ever before, and distributing it across an increasingly complex web of platforms and channels. As a result, digital asset management has moved to the heart of marketing technology where it must scale to support activities across and beyond the enterprise.” [Read More]

This acquisition is not entirely unexpected but it raises some very interesting questions about where the Cloud DAM market is heading if firms like Shutterstock have decided they don’t want to be involved in it.  A longer article will follow, together with some discussion of the implications for users of both.


The Politics Of Implementing Digital Asset Supply Chains: Parking The Enterprise Service Bus

February 16, 2018 DAM Interoperability

I am currently involved in writing requirements analysis and specifications for several Digital Asset Supply Chain (DASC) projects.  There are some interesting themes I have observed recently in-relation to the politics of managing their implementation which might be instructive for others planning similar initiatives. Before I get into the detail of the issues, I will […]

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Digital Asset Supply Chain Consortium – Invitation To Participate

February 5, 2018 Industry News

A week or two ago, I covered an article about blockchain which specifically related to Content DAM and announced that I was setting up a DAM Blockchain consortium.  I have since spoken to a few different people and based on their feedback, we are extending the scope of this to cover the wider topic of […]

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Evolphin Announce Zoom 7 Media Asset Management Software

February 1, 2018 Vendors

Evolphin have recently published a press release outlining a new version of their Zoom Media Asset Management (MAM) solution.  Now in its seventh year, this latest release represents a comprehensive and mature platform equally suited to content creators, marketing departments and publishing outfits, and aims to manage the total lifecycle of digital assets from creation […]

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Updated Review of Bynder’s Orbit Platform

January 25, 2018 Digital Asset Management

DAM News contributor, Spencer Harris, has recently posted an updated review of Bynder’s ‘Orbit’ DAM platform.  His first review was back in September 2017 and concluded that although Orbit was a good starting point for a cloud-based sharing platform, it didn’t quite live up to expectations and had various issues surrounding price-points, missing features (expected […]

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Blockchain And The Future Of Content DAM: Planned Industry Blockchain Consortium

January 23, 2018 Blockchain

Last month, Jean Lozano of Cloud DAM vendor, MediaValet wrote an article on their blog, Cryptomedia: Blockchain in the Digital Asset Management Space.  The piece is quite interesting since it isn’t about the currently deflating tradable Crypto-as-a-security (or perhaps ‘CraaS’?) bubble and neither does it write the whole thing off as the modern equivalent of tulip mania […]

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DAM Guru Program Appoints New Director

January 23, 2018 Industry News

DAM News editor, Ralph Windsor has been appointed as the new Director of the DAM Guru Program (DGP), a community focused on providing Digital Asset Management educational resources and connecting its network of managers, vendors, consultants and users. “Consolidating the combined resources of  DGP with DAM News represents an ideal opportunity to establish far greater […]

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DAM News 2018 Vendor Pricing Survey – Request For Participation

January 17, 2018 Vendors

As reported last year and in the email sent to those vendors registered on our DAM vendor directory yesterday, we are seeking  expressions of interest from vendors who would like to participate in our 2018 DAM vendor pricing survey.  This can be done via a form here: As with the previous 2016 survey, all the […]

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No DAM Is An Island

January 16, 2018 DAM Interoperability

Customer Experience and Content Strategy guru Alan J. Porter has recently published an article on CMSWire entitled ‘Don’t Dismantle Data Silos, Build Bridges’. The analogy he weaves – of castles representing data silos and drawbridges representing integration and interoperability is not an unfamiliar one to us here at DAM News.  My co-contributor, Ralph Windsor wrote […]

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Kodak Launch Crypto-Digital Asset Token And Blockchain For Photographers

January 12, 2018 Emerging DAM Technologies

Earlier this week, Kodak announced they were going to launch a crypto digital asset token called Kodakcoin: “Utilizing blockchain technology, the KODAKOne platform will create an encrypted, digital ledger of rights ownership for photographers to register both new and archive work that they can then license within the platform. With KODAKCoin, participating photographers are invited […]

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Groundhog Day For Innovations In DAM Technology

January 10, 2018 Vendors

Vice President of Development and Strategy at Extensis, Toby Martin, has recently published a rather reflective article entitled ‘Retrospective on Digital Asset Management Technology’ with the strapline ‘Putting the DAM Puzzle Pieces Together in 2017, 2018 and Beyond’. Like numerous other articles from Extensis, it begins like another eulogy for artificial intelligence, calling it a […]

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