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Review Of Digital And Marketing Asset Management By Theresa Regli

September 9, 2016 Digital Asset Management Books

Last month, a book called Digital and Marketing Asset Management by Theresa Regli of Real Story Group was published.  There have been a few DAM-related publications released or updated this year and I am aware of a couple of others by John Horodyski and Dan McGraw which I still have to read.  This is quite different to how things were about five […]

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DAM Is Metadata Operations Management

September 2, 2016 Opinion

I have read a few articles etc recently which advance the currently widely held opinion that DAM is exclusively a marketing concern.  This is not one I share (although I will acknowledge that, at present, marketing people are the largest single group of DAM users I come into contact with).  The more I analyse this situation (especially with […]

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Blockchains As Emerging DAM Interoperability Activity Registers

August 25, 2016 Emerging DAM Technologies

In his Bits On Blocks blog, Antony Lewis has written an article titled: The emergence of blockchains as Activity Registers about the two different roles Blockchains play.  For those unfamiliar with the term, blockchains are the distributed ledger technologies used to record transactions in commodity digital assets (aka ‘cryptocurrencies’) like Bitcoin.  The item refers specifically to financial services, […]

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DAM Guru Events Calendar Syndicated On DAM News

August 16, 2016 Industry News

Readers may have noticed that we are now syndicating events from the DAM Guru Events Calendar on DAM News (in addition to Tim Strehle’s Planet DAM aggregated feed).  The latest events are included on the sidebar to the right and there is a dedicated resources page with a longer list.  The DAM Guru Programme (DGP) calendar was […]

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Clarifai vs Google Vision: Two Visual Recognition APIs Compared

August 12, 2016 Emerging DAM Technologies

As regular readers will be aware, I have been following various automated visual recognition tools for some time now and so far remain underwhelmed by the results (especially compared with the marketing hype that typically accompanies them).  A few months back, I checked out the Google Vision API with some test images and the results were partially successful, but […]

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Review Of Metadata For Content Management By David Diamond

August 5, 2016 Digital Asset Management Books

David Diamond has released another book titled: Metadata For Content Management as a follow-up from DAM Survival Guide.  The new publication does not specifically refer to Digital Asset Management because David says he wants the topics discussed to be relevant to all types of system that mange content (i.e. it has a wider frame of […]

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What Is DAM’s Role In Social Media?

July 29, 2016 Social Media and DAM

Denzil Ford, who is a writer and content strategist for DAM vendor, MediaValet has contributed a feature article which we have published today: Snapshots Of The Past, Present & Future Of Social Media + DAM.  The item considers the role of DAM within social media and asks some questions about whether the technology aspects of the discussion are gaining too […]

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What Are The Emerging Digital Asset Management Market Trends To Be Aware Of?

July 22, 2016 Emerging DAM Technologies

The Extensis DAM Learning Centre (which is included in our list of featured DAM resources) has recently published an article by Toby Martin called Emerging Trends In The DAM Marketplace.  The article came out about a week before Extensis’ latest Portfolio product release announcement, as such, this is appears (at least in part) to be a piece […]

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The Role Of Microservices In Digital Asset Management

July 11, 2016 Digital Asset Management Value Chains

Martin Wilson, of Asset Bank has contributed a feature article to DAM News: How Microservices And Cloud Services Are Changing DAM.  In the item, Martin describes what Microservices are, their recent upsurge in popularity and how they are likely to change the DAM software landscape quite significantly: “Before long, the idea of buying a single DAM application will probably […]

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AI And DAM: The Liability Question

July 5, 2016 Opinion

I have contributed an article to our features section: AI For DAM: Reliability, Liability And Risk Management in which I discuss the robustness of AI solutions and also consider the question of who has liability for them if/when they go wrong: “As we have discussed on DAM News recently, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is getting a lot of […]

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