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In the last few months, we have seen a marked increase in the interest in Digital Asset Supply Chain projects and (to a lesser extent) Creative Operations Management.  This is something we have talked about a lot on DAM News quite a lot, but the recent spike in demand is notable for how quickly it has occurred.  There are several key themes emerging:

  • Multi-vendor projects where different providers are selected for a custom solution using off-the-shelf components (with one vendor chosen specifically for the integration piece).
  • Use of microservices or Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) technologies to provide APIs for the above.
  • Demand for creative management tools (artwork workflow, annotations and other productivity and creative/marketing project management functionality).
  • Direct integration from DAM systems direct to third party solutions (PIM, CRM, email marketing, InDesign etc) using so-called ‘headless’ methods with either a very small number of DAM users who tend to be more administration-focused, rather than systems with many end-users who access a portal.

While there is a lot of activity in this area, knowledge of how to manage these kind of projects and awareness of the risks and opportunities seems to be not as well-developed and widespread as some of the more conventional use-cases for Content DAM.  As such, we are going to run a an article series about this subject and we are inviting feature article contributions from those with expertise in these fields.

The guidelines are similar to other DAM News submissions, any gratuitously commercial items, case studies, thinly disguised advertising for a commercial operation you represent, off-topic pieces etc will get rejected, so do not send them to us.  Some suggested topics for anyone who needs some inspiration:

  • Managing complex, multi-vendor Digital Asset Supply Chain solutions: advice and recommendations.
  • API standards and resolving compatibility issues between vendors.
  • Commercial issues: using prime contractors and devising support agreements and procedures.
  • Monitoring the digital asset supply chain: tools and techniques for tracking assets as they pass through nodes on the value chain.
  • Managing marketing/creative projects: retaining control without losing emasculating creativity.
  • User interfaces for creative operations management software and digital asset supply chain management initiatives.

The above are only potential topics, if you have an alternative take (which is still relevant) then please feel free to get in touch. I plan to write about some of the above subjects, but we will accept multiple submissions on the same subject, providing there is an original or unique perspective that has not already been covered by someone else.

To make it clear (as this has come up previously when asking for article contributions) you do have to actually come up with the copy, we are not looking for ‘votes’ about what we should write about.  In addition, all material provided needs to be original and not have been published elsewhere, especially if you don’t own the copyright to it, but even if you do, it must be currently unpublished work (although we do allow the articles to be syndicated after they have appeared in DAM News).



Elvis Release Swivle DAM Lite System

October 6, 2017 Vendors

Dutch vendor, WoodWing have released Swivle which is a ‘DAM Lite’ solution to complement their more advanced Content DAM solution, Elvis.  I gather the name is some clever play on words using a reverse form of ‘Elvis’, unfortunately, this doesn’t translate entirely successfully (into colloquial UK English, at least).  In the part of the world where […]

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DAM Vendors Directory Premium Accounts Now Free Of Charge

October 3, 2017 Vendors

We have recently made the premium accounts on our DAM Vendor directory free of charge.  All existing registered users have been upgraded.  Those who have paid for a premium account subscription (which has not expired) should have been issued refunds or a copy of the 2016 vendor pricing survey as an alternative, depending on their […]

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Forthcoming 2018 DAM Vendor Pricing Survey

September 28, 2017 Vendors

We are currently considering running another DAM News vendor pricing survey to be published in 2018.  This will be similar to the one we released last year (copies of which are still available).  The previous study was supported by 16 vendors who all contributed data: Asset Bank, Brandfolder, Brandworkz, Daminion, Digital Collections, Digizuite, Freestyle Partners, hyper Content […]

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Review Of Bynder’s Orbit Content DAM System

September 15, 2017 Vendors

Spencer Harris, who a number of DAM News readers will know from his participation in various DAM-related LinkedIn groups and his contribution to the excellent New Jersey DAM meetup group webinars about metadata automation last year has written an initial review of Bynder’s recently released Orbit DAM system.  The item is more of a preliminary overview […]

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Analysing The Intrinsic And Extrinsic Value Of Preservation Digital Assets

September 5, 2017 Preservation

Annella Mendoza has contributed another feature article for DAM News: High Value Digital Assets And Migration.  This item applies the definition of digital assets that I offered on Digital Asset News last month, in particular the concepts of intrinsic and extrinsic value: “In the course of conducting business, some organizations eventually produce or acquire digital files. Digital […]

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Digital Asset Management Is Not Content Management

August 22, 2017 Opinion

Last week, there was a post on one of the LinkedIn DAM groups by David Diamond, Reason enough to say that “digital asset management” has died for us? For anyone who does not have access to the group, this is the post: “Major players in the Financial sector are using “digital assets” to describe Bitcoin and related […]

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Digital Asset News Launched

August 11, 2017 Industry News

Today we are launching a new title: Digital Asset News, this covers the subject of digital assets, but in a wider sense of the term and follows on from feature articles I wrote at the start of 2016, the piece on digital asset value chains going back to 2013 and some articles for other publications […]

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Are Bynder Orbiting Or Departing From Planet DAM?

August 2, 2017 Vendors

Last week, DAM vendor, Bynder announced the release of a ‘creative files management’ tool called Orbit.  There is a waiting list to get an account, so I will have to defer any assessment of its capabilities for a while.  I have not yet encountered anyone who has been approved so far and I am hoping this […]

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Extensis Update Portfolio For 2017

July 21, 2017 Vendors

DAM vendor, Extensis  announced an update to their Portfolio DAM solution earlier this week.  This is the press quote from Toby Martin, whose job title is ‘Vice President of Development and Strategy’ (which sounds like he has to deal with all the jobs at Extensis that no one else there wants to): “Extensis’ ongoing mission is […]

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Digital Asset Supply Chains And Seismic Changes In The Enterprise DAM Software Market

July 11, 2017 Opinion

I have written a feature article for DAM News with the title: Enterprise Discontent With Current DAM Solutions And The Impending Future Of Digital Asset Management.  The piece covers a number of concurrent developments in the enterprise segment of DAM (and quite possibly applies to smaller-scale implementations also).  This is the summation of some observations and […]

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