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Digital Chronicles: Preserving Heritage, Empowering Futures

Thursday April 18th, 2024 @ 12:00pm - 1:00pm EST

Join us for a transformative workshop exploring the profound impact of digital heritage in safeguarding cultural history. Explore the complex relationship between technology and tradition as we examine how Digital Asset Management (DAM) can revolutionize the preservation and dissemination of cultural treasures.

Discover innovative strategies, gain practical insights, and engage in dynamic discussions with experts dedicated to nurturing and revitalizing heritage in the digital age. Uncover the keys to unlocking the past, shaping the present, and inspiring the future through the power of digital heritage preservation.

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Organiser: Lab of Excellence in Digital Asset Management (LED) (@LED_TMU)
Type: Webinar/Podcast
Goal: Education (no commercial agenda)
Ref: DN-EV-788
Added by: Reem El Asaleh

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