Video DAM: Increasingly Important For Enterprises

In this article in the June/July issue of, Michael Baumann discusses the increasing significance of Video Digital Asset Management and has obtained a number of quotes from industry insiders and solution vendors which suggest there is an on-going exponential growth in Video DAM.  Also of note is the recognition for solutions to integrate and potentially converge with each other:

The integration between your digital asset management, your VCM , and your ECM [enterprise content management] is really vital,” Deadrich says. “We’re coming to this convergence point where people are starting to realize that what used to be in the archive world … is now pushing more and more onto the website, now that bandwidth is lower and hosting is lower. It now becomes more transparent because you want to push that content public.” [Read More]

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  • digital asset management

    Organization is the key element to the centralization of digital assets. Organization for some is a burden because of actual physical items (transparencies, film, optical media). Or, assets already reside in the digital format and exist on a network drive. Other assets already in the digital format reside at the ad agency, prepress provider, or on the designer’s computer. Tying these analog and digital locations of assets together is the start of centralization. Once centrally located, the organization involves tracking how the asset got to the location and the approval process involved.


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