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Navigating The Video Format Battlefield

by Nick Brookes on June 10, 2010

As the tech leviathans, including Google, Adobe and Apple, fight it out in the global arena for video format supremacy, the rest of us are left with a bewildering array of choices and incompatibilities to factor into the design of our video workflows:

“For content publishers and consumers, there is chaos in the video ecosystem, and it’s going to get worse before it gets better.  You’ve been reading about HTML5 vs. Flash vs. Silverlight (and recently, WebM), Apple vs. Adobe, H.264 vs. VP8, iPhone vs. Android, Do-it-Yourself vs. OVP.    Whether serving tens or thousands of videos, maximizing viewership with reasonably high-quality videos across web and mobile devices is the new imperative.  With so many permutations of video codecs, formats, containers and features, it’s confusing to design a video workflow that’s cost-effective, flexible to change with the evolving formats and scalable to meet your growth requirements.  With this post, I offer a couple of recommendations to help simplify the array of options currently available.” [Read More]

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