Constructing Your Own Video Platform: Build vs Buy And Other Decisions

The Limelight blog has an article on what to consider when adding video content to your web presence:

Build or buy. The choice to build your own video platform or outsource video publishing depends in part on your ability to make educated decisions about video player technology, transcoding needs, and device support. It also depends on the internal resources you can allocate to maintenance and troubleshooting.

Free or premium. There is always the option to choose a free video platform such as YouTube, but with it comes a slew of limitations. You should consider how much control you need over branding, ad placement, and visual style.

Simple or complex. As your content library grows, the ability to publish video efficiently becomes more and more important. If you’re updating content frequently, consider a video platform with a drag-and-drop interface that lets you not only add content, but customize it quickly and easily.” [Read More]

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