Building Transcoding into Your Workflow

Transcoding digital video into proxy and surrogate formats is now an essential element of most Digital Asset Management solutions where video may be involved.  This article from Telestream, the producers of Flip Factory is an excellent introduction to transcoding workflows:

Video producers in the broadcast, film and video production, and web publishing industries are seeking new ways to increase visibility and income from their videos. But each additional revenue opportunity imposes different operational requirements, including new playback software or hardware, delivery platforms, video formats, and other customizations. In some cases, device interoperability will allow the reuse of existing versions of content without transcoding. But with the hundreds of formats and variants in existence today, the majority of video files must be transcoded before submitting them to the chosen recipients.

There are a wide variety of factors to consider when bringing transcoding into your workflow. A video workflow may be as simple as converting a file to the right format and delivering it. Or it may be much more complex, involving automated processes from ingest to asset management, asset management to editing, editing to various distribution points, and so forth.

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