Adobe Release HTML5 Video Player Widget Based On Kalutra

Adobe have released a Dreamweaver  widget based on the Kalutra HTML5 video library which simplifies the task of switching between Flash and HTML5 video players to support video playback across multiple browsers or devices:

HTML5 has received a tremendous amount of buzz, much of it driven by the potential for plugin-free video. However, the limited browser support for the HTML5 <video> tag has forced web designers to scramble for a solution that would work across platforms as well as browsers.  To help customers overcome these challenges, Adobe has released an easy-to-use, totally CSS-customizable solution that shifts gracefully from the HTML5 <video> tag to the Flash Player when the tag is not supported. The shift takes place regardless of the screen—from phone to monitor to TV.” [Read More]

There is some more detail about the release on the Kalutra blog:

The HTML player UI is built using jQueryUI, packaged from the Widget Browser, and then customized and integrated into your website using Dreamweaver or any other HTML editor of your choice. This lets web developers focus on their main goal, developing the website rather than overcoming quirks of web video playback compatibility.” [Read More]

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