12 Crucial Points About Video DAM

DAM consultants, Daydream, have released a report, Video Digital Asset Management: 12 Crucial Points which covers a range of different topics about handling video in DAM systems.  The report appears to be written from a reasonably neutral perspective and should be of interest to anyone looking into Video DAM.

The points include:

  • Choose systems that can be shaped around your company.
  • The difference between DAM and ECM and how that relates to video content.
  • Branding of the system and why it is necessary.
  • How to provide access to videos for users without risking copyright infringement.
  • Using fast-loading previews for videos.
  • Why metadata for digital video needs to be handled differently to other media.
  • HTML5, Flash, Silverlight and how to navigate the format maze.
  • Outsource or insource: advantages and disadvantages
  • The importance of training
  • Hosting, supporting and maintaining video DAM.
  • Working with a vendor who understands marketing departments.
  • Getting it past IT

The full overview is here.

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