Stipple Introduces Automated Tagging & Monetization Suite For Photos

San Francisco based vendor, Stipple have introduced a range of products to help connect photo buyers and sellers by automating the tagging and monetization process.  They offer four integrated tools for photo rights holders, brands, publishers and consumers:

  • Lens (for photo rights holders):  licenses more than 100,000 editorial images per month from photo agencies like Abaca USA, Admedia, Buzz Foto, PictureGroup, Sipa, Starmax, Startraks and Zuma.
  • Pipeline (for brands): a web-based application that enables the products contained in editorial photos to be accurately labelled, promoted and sold.
  • Network (for publishers): syndicates search and shopping information to nationally distributed editorial images and continues to give publishers the ability to label the people, places, and things contained in their custom images.
  • Want (for consumers): enables audiences to shop and ‘want-list’ the products contained in editorial images throughout the web

Stipple has created the first profitable ecosystem for photographers, publishers and brands while simultaneously creating a richer experience for consumers,” said Rey Flemings, Stipple co-founder and CEO. “Editorial photos generate millions of impressions each day. Many of those images contain products and brands that audiences would like to know more about. Stipple offers the first comprehensive web solution that provides accurate tagged information inside editorial images and also makes the images actionable to people who would like to discover more about the content in those images.” [Read More]

The photo library market has historically been at the cutting edge of innovations in Digital Asset Management, it will be intriguing to see how many of these innovations are integrated into Enterprise or business oriented DAM solutions also.

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