Picturepark Integrates With SharePoint

The number of vendors linking their DAM systems to SharePoint continues to increase as the platform consolidates its position as ECM platform of choice amongst corporate IT managers.  One of our featured DAM vendors, Picturepark are the latest to participate in this trend.  Today, they have announced a SharePoint connector using a custom Web Part that allows SharePoint to access media stored within Picturepark:

All rich media formats are supported, with advanced options available for images, video and layouts. Built-ins include workflow approval and collaboration, multi-language metadata and taxonomies, and multi-tenant capabilities. Digital assets are shared and distributed via email links, website portals and portlets, social media, Dropbox and Sharepoint. A feature-rich API enables Picturepark partners to create add-ons and integrate Picturepark with other systems. ” [Read More]

The Picturepark modus operandi for SharePoint integration appears to be to provide a clear layer of separation between their product and SharePoint and then integration tools that mediate between the two platforms.  Others such as Equilibrium MediaRich take the alternative approach of extending the native SharePoint application with facilities to allow it to become more like a DAM system.  Which method is better depends a lot on your needs and how wedded your users have become to the SharePoint platform.

Overall, based on my experience of working on DAM implementations where SharePoint is involved, the option to not use it and still allow people to get at their assets without needing to go through SharePoint for everything is definitely the way to go, especially if you have a highly specialised range of DAM requirements that the SharePoint engineering team have no prior experience of.

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