FocusOPEN 3.4.2 Released

One of our featured DAM vendors, FocusOPEN (who now seem to have become semi-detached from Daydream – their parent company) have released a new version of their DAM system.  The blog entry with the details is mercifully short – in general and on marketing spiel too, unlike some others I have read recently.  The major new features include:

  • Batch metadata updates
  • InDesign proxy generation
  • Upload API and facility for external applications to supply assets
  • Customisable home pages and XML editor controls
One key factor (for me) was that this is being advanced released to Commercial and SaaS users first.  This highlights the trend we identified (as did others) for open source vendors to become more commercially oriented.  The other was the emphasis on batch processing and API facilities which we foresaw as being increasingly important for end users in our predictions earlier this month.
More information about the new release is here.
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