North Plains Release Telescope 9.1

One of our featured DAM vendors, North Plains, have released version 9.1 of their flagship product, Telescope.  Last year, we mentioned that North Plains (along with Media Beacon) were one of those eager to provide iPad interface for their product.  The press release is a bit short on detail about what is actually new (and I thought the iPad stuff was old news also) but there are a few details at the end after the obligatory marketing verbiage has been allowed to effluviate for several unnecessary paragraphs:

TeleScope’s new QuickFind interface provides a simplified portal experience that ensures any user can quickly engage with TeleScope to find the video, images, logos and other digital media they need to be productive. This is becoming increasingly important as more people – partners, multiple agencies, distributors and remote users – need secure access to corporate approved digital media.   Other enhancements for 9.0.1 include support for Oracle 11g, QuarkXPress 8.5 and 9.1 certifications, and a new preferences management approach that will greatly simplify managing global, distributed digital asset management deployments.”  [Read More]

I know vendor marketing managers feel they have to do this or they think they’re not doing their job properly, but real users (and ultimately decision makers about what DAM system to buy) generally prefer some solid detail  about what their product actually does and how, precisely, it is new and improved over the last one.

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