Extensis Add API To Portfolio Server

One of our featured Digital Asset Management vendors, Extensis, have added an API to their Portfolio Server DAM system:

Portfolio Server helps groups of people manage and find all of their digital media in one location, and the new API offers the same benefits – but to other computer systems used throughout the organization. Customers can integrate the graphic, video, and document assets and media processing tools within Portfolio Server with their other IT systems, including ecommerce systems, content management systems, websites, intranet sites, and more. For example, images and metadata managed within Portfolio Server become easily accessible from within a content management system like WordPress, or are automatically synchronized with a museum’s collection management system. The result is greater workflow efficiency by streamlining and integrating DAM with other business processes and IT systems.” [Read More]

As discussed in our other post today, most DAM vendors are clearly getting to grips with the importance of integration with other solutions now and the Extensis upgrade follows others also.  The potentially interesting development will be whether all these competing interests can agree to standardisation behind one or more common protocols.  One has to doubt whether that will happen soon though.  The reduced budget available to most vendors (compared with larger ECM competition) makes selection of a non-proprietary standard a gamble with much higher stakes and it remains to be seen who will be willing to take it, and  more importantly, whether it pays off  for them if they do.

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