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WebDAM Solutions Add REST API To SaaS DAM

by Naresh Sarwan on January 25, 2012

One of our Featured Digital Asset Management Vendors, WebDAM Solutions have added a REST API to their SaaS DAM solution (as as separate add-on):

With the REST API, developers can extend digital asset management functionality by repurposing metadata and assets residing in WebDAM or leveraging assets and metadata in a bevy of other systems. Integrating WebDAM into other business systems has the potential to generate exception value for creative teams. Photos, artwork, sales presentations, videos and audio files can all now be professionally managed while seamlessly accessed by systems such as web content management (WCM), content management systems (CMS) like WordPress, customer relationship management (CRM) like, content sharing and storage systems like, project management systems and more. The possibilities are now endless. Whether for internal use or public-facing plug-ins and extensions, this API allows developers to streamline creative workflows and customize systems, harnessing the power of WebDAM into a more specific purpose.” [Read More]

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