ADAM Launch Adobe Creative Suite 5.5 Connector

One of our featured DAM vendors, ADAM, have launched a connector for Adobe Creative Suite 5.5:

With Creative Suite Connector 3.0, users of Adobe®’s design tools no longer need to leave the comfort zone of the tools they know best in order to exploit the power of ADAM’s DAM system. All the tools users need are available within the Creative Suite interface, including powerful searching and creation of assets in ADAM, check-in/check-out of assets, ADAM Custom Properties, and even triggering ADAM Workflows.” [Read More]

ADAM also released a SharePoint connector earlier this month.  This seems to reflect the trend we predicted for 2012 that many DAM systems will gradually cease to be visible to a lot of end users but instead transform into back-end managers of an enterprise’s overall digital media supply chain infrastructure while other non-DAM related tools increase their front-end UI exposure.  Some  vendors like ADAM have clearly grasped this point as a potential competitive advantage.  Based on the number of other vendors also eager to promote their APIs and wider integration capabilities, we foresee it being a trend that will continue to accelerate over the next few years.

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