Evolphin Announce Zoom 7 Media Asset Management Software

Evolphin have recently published a press release outlining a new version of their Zoom Media Asset Management (MAM) solution.  Now in its seventh year, this latest release represents a comprehensive and mature platform equally suited to content creators, marketing departments and publishing outfits, and aims to manage the total lifecycle of digital assets from creation and ingestion through to versioning, approval, collaboration and archiving.

At the time of writing, there’s no official release notes for Zoom 7, yet Evolphin’s main highlights for this major version release appear to be:

  • Improved plugin integration with the Adobe CC Suite
  • A new Twitter-like activity feed in the asset browser
  • A hybrid cloud approach to storage
  • General workflow refinements
  • New export presets tailored to the user’s application (InDesign, Photoshop, After Effects etc.).

Vice President of Video Product Management, Evan Michals, states:

“Video consumption and production continues to grow worldwide every year. With new formats and distribution channels popping up every month, the amount and size of video files are increasing too.” [Read More]

He continues:

“As a result, creatives and marketers are finding it harder to keep up using their current asset management systems, which either lack the power to manage all their media, or the cloud-enabled features required for collaboration. Zoom 7.0 was created to address these challenges. By creating a hybrid deployment model in which data is stored on-premises and managed and shared in the cloud, video creators finally have a solution that lets them manage their media and collaborate without the large infrastructure investment that used to be required.” [Read More]

The claim that creatives are finding it more difficult to keep up using their existing systems is perhaps a little difficult to substantiate, but their client list is relatively extensive, so perhaps they are in a position to gauge the needs of power users and larger organisations.  I’m also slightly intrigued by their ‘hybrid deployment model’ concept, whereby data is stored on-premises and shared in the cloud, which sounds suspiciously like a return to a more traditional approach (stored here, sent there).

Overall, although this is a broad and generalised press release focusing as much on industry demographics as Zoom’s feature set, it might simply be testament to the fact that Evolphin’s flagship solution has become a familiar enough presence on the rostrum to dial down the usual bumptious spiel that we hear from many of its competitors.  However, taken at face value, it could also be read as a rather innovation-light announcement, further reinforcing the idea that the DAM industry has run out of ideas; a possible case of rearranging the deckchairs on the Titanic?

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