Canto Upgrade Cumulus To Version 8.6

Long standing DAM vendor, Canto, have recently upgraded their flagship DAM system, Cumulus to version 8.6. The new version apparently adds ‘over 50’ updates.  Of potential interest to some might also be the Google Maps visualisation of geodata embedded within media.

The new edition’s major functional enhancement, however, appears to be a form of ‘watched version control’ where the system will automatically track updates to given files and archive them:

New versioning strides in Cumulus 8.6 mean that users always work with the latest version and no files are lost. The new File System Companion allows administrators to set up event-driven asset locations that “watch” what the user is doing and handle management tasks in the background. This allows automatic version control that stores the entire version history of a document or image. “Companies still spend a lot of time and resources trying to locate the most recent version of a file. Data gets lost or overwritten, especially media and graphics files that are subject to a complex design and production process. Cumulus solves this problem,” stated Canto ceo Ulrich Knocke.” [Read More]

These kind of innovations are still somewhat more tricky to pull off for hosted DAM systems as they don’t have direct access to the network shared drives and file system that an ‘on premise’ product does.  However, as more storage moves into the Cloud, that might become less of a competitive advantage over time and the playing field may well level out a little more (for these features at least).

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