Revenue Generation Using DAM Solutions

Yesterday, were good enough to publish an article I wrote about using digital asset management solutions to generate revenue rather than to enhance productivity (which is the more common use case).  The piece is essentially a summary of a whitepaper I wrote in collaboration with Ralph Windsor from DAM consultancy, Daydream which we have made available in our features area.  If you want a quick overview rather than reading the whole document, the CMSWire one should tell you the basics:

Perhaps the key point to take away from this article is that the top line (sales) much harder to control than the bottom line (costs) and that can create some unique challenges to resolve for any entrepreneurial activity and this is no different.  DAM systems are a ‘no brainer’ for productivity improvements, but coupled with the fiercely competitive nature of the stock media industry and the dominance of the established leviathans, using them to generate top line revenue is a much trickier proposition that you need to consider carefully.” [Read More]

The full paper can be downloaded (for free and without registration) from here.

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