Is The DAM Software Industry Finally Becoming More Businesslike and Professional?

Today, I have written a feature article about a gradual change in the level of professionalism in the DAM software market and how this is (very slowly) increasing as scalability becomes more of a priority for end users as well as vendors.  I use the analogy of Roy of The Rovers to characterise the earlier era of DAM, all is explained in the article for those who haven’t got a clue who or what I am talking about:

I deal with a lot of DAM vendors as a result of working with consulting clients and this has provided me with an opportunity to observe some common themes. One of which is that the principal of the firm is quite frequently the designer and developer of at least the original edition of their flagship DAM product. Even if they are not still writing code (and more than a few are) they are probably still intimately involved in the finer details of the design and development work.” [Read More]

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