Feature Article: What Makes a PIM System Great?

As part of our series on DAM and PIM, Murray Oles, President of Chalex, has recently contributed a feature article entitled ‘What Makes a PIM System Great?‘ Murray provides an overview of a PIM system’s key concepts and components, highlighting the importance of product compliance and the advantages of having a platform dedicated to providing a ‘single source of truth’ for products over inferior methods such as manual spreadsheet entry.  The article also draws attention to the fact that there are no standards to define what makes an ideal PIM, and presents a number of features and characteristics of what might be considered a pedigree solution.

A great PIM integrates data and process automation across supply chain workflows.  In this way, products coming to market, whether new or existing, route through selected workflows that feed task performers with known data while clearly identifying and monitoring all new data for the current production version of the product.  As each iteration of a product comes to market, its’ project workflow, data entry, and task completions become part of the historical lifecycle of each market version. PIM is a concept with unique enterprise relevance.  ERP, MRM, CRM, DAM are system acronyms that have evolved over time, each representing a technological path.  PIM is a journey toward a goal of fewer mistakes, greater efficiency, and stronger brands.”  [Read More]

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