Feature Article: The Commercial Benefits of Headless DAM

Dietmar Rietsch, CEO of Digital Experience Management (DEM) solution provider Pimcore has kindly submitted a feature article exploring the benefits of so-called Headless DAM systems.  In ‘Headless DAM: Why It Is Relevant for Omnichannel Commerce?‘, Dietmar explains how the current trends in omni-channel marketing technology have given rise to greater levels of integration, more specifically, DAM services that are accessed and controlled via APIs and systems that do not feature their own user interface (hence being called ‘headless’).

Put succinctly, headless DAM helps store visuals in one system, followed by the distribution of the same original content through different systems via APIs in the correct format.”  [Read More]

The article presents a number of advantages of using such API-first architectures, including how DAM systems can seamlessly interact with external services such as eCommerce platforms and PIM systems via customised interfaces, thus improving user adoption and avoiding ’round-trip’ workflows whereby users are often required to cycle between multiple, independent and often complex interfaces.  Additional benefits covered include enhanced productivity, scalability and flexibility.

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