Feature Article: Ten Steps to Improving DAM User Adoption

DAM News Editor Russell McVeigh has written a feature article providing a series of tips for improving user adoption in a new or existing DAM system.  Onboarding users is often a challenge, especially if old habits such as using external storage or email attachments to distribute content have been given a chance to bed in.  Advice includes assigning a DAM champion to spearhead an awareness campaign and to act as a point of contact and support for users, providing clear and concise documentation, and keeping users in the loop when new features or functionality is rolled out.  The article also covers the importance of gaining buy-in from leadership and other stakeholders:

Obtaining support and endorsement from organisational leaders, including executives and managers is crucial to the success of any DAM implementation – if those at the top aren’t convinced of your DAM system’s worth, it’s unlikely that those using it are going to feel inspired and any negative attitudes are invariably going to trickle down into the workforce. When leaders actively promote and use the DAM software, it sets a positive example for the rest of the organization and encourages wider adoption.”  [Read More]

You can read the full article at the link below.


A video of a one-hour webinar on user adoption featuring a panel of leading DAM professionals is also provided.

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