Feature Article: Six Ways You Can Safely Use AI Within Your DAM

Continuing our series on AI and legal issues within DAM, VP of Product Management at FADEL, Gregg Guest, has contributed an article exploring the various ways you can implement artificial intelligence in your DAM workflows whilst minimising the risk of IP (intellectual property) and copyright infringement.  Gregg identifies a number of potential pitfalls where using generative AI to create or modify derivative works may not always be clear-cut in terms of ownership, and recommends using an integrated DRM (digital rights management) approach in order to automate and keep track of licensing issues, and to provide the necessary IP and digital provenance information as regulation and legal frameworks surrounding AI begin to emerge.  Guidance includes tips on the responsible and mindful use of AI to improve search, data enrichment, translation, accessibility, documentation, and analytics.

If a derivative asset is automatically generated with the AI translation then it is important to know whether you have the rights to change the nature of the asset. Second, do you have the rights to use the translated asset in the country or region you intend to target? By using a DRM system that ties into your DAM, you are not only able to quickly validate that these things are permissible before you go through the translation process, you can protect yourself from mishaps by making sure the derivative translation inherits the rights from the original content, so all versions are safely stored with the related rights.”  [Read More]

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