Feature Article: PIM and DAM Emerge as Allies in Retail Compliance and Risk Management

As part of our series on DAM and PIM, Senior Vice President of Sales & Marketing at DAM and PIM solutions provider Ntara, Andy Didyk, has kindly contributed an article highlighting numerous aspects of compliance and risk management in retail and manufacturing, and how the combined capabilities of PIM and DAM can assist in ensuring accurate product information, labelling, and safety guidelines, in addition to reinforcing brand trust and fulfilling any legal and regulatory requirements that a product may have.  The article provides tips and insights on governance, metadata, workflows, automation, and version control, including the components of a typical case study such as product labels, ingredients, allergy warnings, expiration dates and the management of associated marketing and promotional material.

For a brand, missing the mark could mean legal trouble and diminished customer trust.  But successful compliance?  That drives a competitive edge.  When facing this challenge, businesses find a strong ally in two core systems: product information management (PIM) and digital asset management (DAM).  While powerful individually, PIM and DAM solutions pack an even stronger punch when working in tandem.”  [Read More]

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