Feature Article: Mastering PIM and DAM Integration

DAM, marketing and creative operations specialist Frank DeCarlo has kindly contributed a feature article entitled ‘Retail Reinvented: Mastering PIM and DAM Integration‘.  Frank discusses the challenges often faced by retailers that wish to enhance and streamline their digital retail supply chain by incorporating DAM into their product management and marketing workflows.  The article contains a number of valuable insights covering deployment and best practice tips including scalability and security, and concludes by supporting both PIM and DAM vendors in making future efforts towards reimagining the retail experience by fostering a culture of innovation and integration.

In the future, we can expect to see PIM and DAM systems become even more sophisticated and integrated. For example, we can expect to see more artificial intelligence and machine learning advancements to automate even more tasks, such as tagging and categorizing digital assets, and the ability to provide retailers with more insights into their product data and digital assets.  In our current digital age, the critical question for retailers has evolved from “Should we integrate?” to “How can we best optimize integration?” Our goal is to attain digital excellence, where product presentations are not just visually striking but informatively seamless.”  [Read More]

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