Feature Article: GenAI and Building The Future of DAM

Visual technology specialist Paul Melcher’s latest article depicts a future where we’ve successfully spliced together the DNA of DAM and Artificial Intelligence – a future we’re already beginning to see glimpses of in our digital content workflows.  In ‘GenAI: Building The Future of Digital Asset Management Today‘, Paul takes an intrepid stroll along DAM’s evolutionary path to a time when it has become a mere subset of AI, and everything from digital asset creation, cataloguing and brand governance through to context-aware natural language metadata, connecting with external systems, and even developing new features, has been revolutionised, automated and seamlessly integrated using an AI-first methodology.

The intersection of Artificial Intelligence and Digital Asset Management is not just a confluence of technologies but a fusion that’s redefining the very fabric of content creation and management. AI, particularly generative AI (GenAI), is leading a seismic shift in DAM, moving beyond traditional archiving and retrieval to a realm where dynamic content generation and intelligent management are the new norms, opening a future where DAM will be a subset of GenAI, reversing current trends. But this transformative journey entails several evolutionary steps. Here, we explore the primary areas where GenAI is first set to make its initial and most impactful foray into the world of DAM.”  [Read More]

You can read the full article at the link below.


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