Feature Article: Brexit, Copyright and DAM

CEO of DAM software provider Fotoware, Anne Gretland, explores the potential impact on copyright and the way we use our DAMs in light of the UK’s recent withdrawal from the European Union.  This concise and detailed article outlines the numerous implications and regulatory changes that will come into play, and how the DAM Manager’s role will need to adapt in order to comply with them.

This year, the world of copyright is in flux.  With the UK having left the EU, copyright regulations are no longer harmonised between the UK and the union’s member states.  Increasingly, major content users are being asked to protect the copyright of content originators.  Implementing a digital asset management (DAM) tool can provide the technological keys to ensure that organisations are using digital assets according to the licensing terms they agreed to.”  [Read More]

Anne also provides a list of pain points that an evolving DAM best practice can help organisations to overcome.  The full article is available at the link below.


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